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Hou Ye, Why Can’t You Go to Heaven

Hou Ye, Why Can’t You Go to Heaven (Novel)
Other Name: 侯爷你咋不上天

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Han Jiangxue
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Su Lichu Huaian, who was rumored to be ruined by bandits, rejected his offer and then disappeared. Five years later, Su Li was dressed in filial obedience and brought her son back. Everyone was waiting for Chu Huaian to clean up Su Li, but it didn’t happen that Xiaoyao Hou’s Mansion blew the suona, carried the sedan chair eight, and carried Miss Su San into it. Hou Mansion.

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Chu Huaian directly took Su Li back to his yard. Chu Liu knew that he didn’t ask about it again, and the matter passed vaguely.

In order for Su Li to transcribe the scriptures better, Chu Huaian specially asked a doctor to show Su Li the frostbite on his hands.

The doctor yawned when he was brought in by the young man. The doctor was chubby, had a chubby body, and a beard on his chin. He was kind and eye-catching, but he looked like the compassionate Buddha on the cover of a Buddhist scripture.

This person was not wearing an ordinary doctor’s clothes, but an official uniform embroidered with auspicious clouds, Su Li guessed that he was an imperial doctor.

Sure enough, the next moment the man said bitterly: “Houl, the hospital has been so busy these few days, your majesty finally gave the minister a half-day to go home to take a bath and rest. How could he cut off the official to the Hou Mansion? coming?”

“I came to see you naturally to see a doctor, otherwise what else can I have?”

Chu Huaian turned back with a word, and pushed Su Li in front of the man. The man touched his beard and tried to look at Su Li with his eyes wide open.

“The girl opened her mouth and let me see how her tongue is.”

This person has a gentle temperament and speaks slowly. Chu Huaian didn’t have the patience, so he grabbed Su Li’s hand and handed it to him: “Don’t look at the ones that are missing, what the Lord wants you to see is this!”

“Master Hou, this is wrong. I am a doctor. I am a doctor. How can I listen to you and only look at one place and ignore the other injuries of the patient? Besides, people are a whole body, which affects the whole body. It must be fully understood…”

The man felt bitterly persuaded by his beard, Su Li quietly glanced at Chu Huaian, and saw that his face was tense, holding back his anger, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Seeing that Chu Huaian was about to get angry, the young man on the side quickly put the medicine box on the table and urged: “Doctor Gao, see a doctor first, didn’t you say you haven’t rested in the past two days!”

Upon being reminded like this, the doctor Gao suddenly woke up and yawned again, let Su Li sit down gently, took a silk kerchief over her hand and started to get her pulse.

Su Li’s complexion was calm, she didn’t feel that there was anything serious about her body, but Doctor Gao’s expression gradually became serious.

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