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A Life of Dust and Frost

A Life of Dust and Frost (Novel)
Other Name: 倾尽一世尘霜

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Yizhan Fengcun
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Fu Qingshuangjiang Yichen, is he a rich bank owner or a cold and cold emperor grandson? When a cold-faced and arrogant man meets a cute and stubborn woman, what kind of sparks will collide?

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There was a room in front of which was brightly lit and crowded. Fu Qingshuang eagerly pulled Jiang Yichen into the crowd. It turned out that a young lady was throwing a hydrangea to beckon her relatives, which is rare in Fang Ping. The young lady was already standing in the fence on the second floor, wearing a red brocade dress, her dark black hair turned into a wishful bun, her beautiful eyes looking forward to the brilliance, and her red lips with a light smile. She was really a pretty lady.

Fu Qingshuang looked at Jiang Yichen excitedly and muttered: “Boss, this young lady looks good and suits you. I am missing a boss!”

“Absurd!” Jiang Yichen looked at her sternly, his face seemed displeased, and after a long silence, he pulled her up and left.

“Ohhhhh…don’t go!”

Fu Qingshuang hurriedly grabbed him. For the first time in her life, she encountered such a kiss scene, but she did not want to leave. She pulled his sleeves and shook her head, softly pleading, “Just watch it for a while. !”

Her eyes were shining like stars, and the gleaming eyes showed indefinite expectation, hitting the deepest part of Jiang Yichen’s heart, a corner of his heart suddenly softened, and he could no longer take steps, and sighed silently. With a tone of breath, stand in the crowd with one hand.

Fu Qingshuang was overjoyed when he answered, but Jiang Yichen was so cold and solemn, with a compelling attitude, incompatible with the carnival crowd around him, and quite funny.

The young lady pressed her red lips lightly, and shyly dropped the hydrangea while looking around. The crowd suddenly roared. Fu Qingshuang jumped with some light effort, grabbed the hydrangea and threw it to Jiang Yichen: “Hurry up!”

Jiang Yichen glanced at her with a green face, then suddenly raised his hand and waved the hydrangea out. With a sound, the crowd swarmed toward the hydrangea like a tide.

“Why don’t you pick up such a good lady?” Fu Qingshuang was full of expression, laughing and trying to grab it, but was squeezed in the middle by the noisy crowd, unable to move.

The turbulent crowd turned around with the hydrangea, and she was trapped in it, her thin waist that was already gripped, as if about to be squeezed off.

“Be careful!” Jiang Yichen looked in his eyes, both distressed and angry, and squeezed into the crowd with difficulty, helped Fu Qingshuang who was knocked to the ground, and pulled her out of the crowd.

She hadn’t thought about the thoughts of the people around her at all. Jiang Yichen was frustrated and his face was pale. When he bought the jade pendant just now, he had already hinted so obvious, she still didn’t understand, it was really annoying!

“Hey, it hurts… it hurts… it hurts…” Fu Qingshuang shouted again and again, her wrists already being pulled red by him.

Jiang Yichen ignored her struggle, dragged Fu Qingshuang to the street under the locust tree, and whispered in angrily, “You are enough.”

Although Jiang Yichen is cold and arrogant, he rarely gets angry. Fu Qingshuang was stunned by him. He didn’t know what happened for a while, and just said: “Don’t you like this lady!”

Isn’t it obvious who he likes? Jiang Yichen stared at her sullenly for a long while, hesitated several times, and finally sighed, helplessly said: “Forget it, I am not qualified to talk about love!”

How many women can stand the life of licking blood with the tip of a knife, and deceiving him? It’s okay if she doesn’t understand now, so as not to follow him in future.

It was late at night, and a cool breeze hit and rolled up the corners of his clothes. For the first time, Fu Qingshuang saw loss, frustration, and decadence in Jiang Yichen’s eyes… These emotions never belonged to him.

“Let’s go!” Jiang Yichen lowered his eyes, said in a low voice, and walked straight back.

Fu Qingshuang rarely saw him in such a frustrated look, and never knew what to say, so he followed Jiang Yichen’s footsteps.

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