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The Heart of Fast Passing Through

The Heart of Fast Passing Through (Novel)
Other Name: 快穿之心无栖

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Red and Green
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xia Ying, who was fifteen years old, was suddenly entangled. She picked up a carrot doll, very cute. But since then, she felt that no matter what she did, it seemed that someone was supervising her. Finally one day, it spoke! Since then, she has embarked on a journey of fraudulent marriages everywhere…

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The atmosphere in the room was a little frozen. After some time, Liang Chenyi woke up leisurely. He opened his eyes, and what caught the eye was Liang Xueyu’s idiotic face with a suspicious blush on it. He moved to the side. Look, I saw Xia Ying, and my heart was shocked. He struggled to get up, but fell on the bed because of too much haste.

Liang Xueyu beside him couldn’t help but exclaimed, and quickly helped him to sit up, his eyes were full of worry, and he couldn’t help asking how he was doing.

Liang Chenyi pressed her lips tightly, looked at Xia Ying silently, trying to find something on her face

But Xia Ying still had a faint look, so he couldn’t see anything, and then Liang Chenyi frowned. Where is Liang Chenming? Didn’t you say that you will stop him? This unreliable guy!

He got dressed and sat there quietly, not knowing what to say

Xia Ying stood there without saying a word. She was a little blocked in her heart. She wanted to go out and get some air, but she had no reason.

Suddenly, she heard some movement outside the door, and when she turned around, a small servant walked in.

He came to Liang Chenyi’s bed and said, “Master, Princess Qianyue is here!”

Qianyue? Xia Ying’s eyes lit up

“Please come in soon!” Liang Chenyi stroked Liang Xueyu’s entangled hands and said in a deep voice

After a while, Liang Qianyue came in with Xiaohe

“Qianyue has seen Uncle Sixth Emperor, I wonder if the uncle’s body is better?” Liang Qianyue saluted and said softly

“It’s all right, Xia Ying, give a seat!”

Xia Ying was stunned for a moment, but quickly realized that she moved a chair and placed it next to Liang Qianyue

A trace of unhappiness flashed in Liang Xueyu’s eyes. The Sixth Emperor hadn’t spoken to her yet, and when she came, she opened her mouth! It’s just a princess, how can she compare to her princess?

Liang Qianyue wanted to sit down, but when everyone was standing, she didn’t sit. Instead, she turned around and took a box from Xiaohe’s hand. He smiled and said, “This is the pendant I opened at Fulu Temple. , You can wear it from time to time to drive away disasters and avoid disasters. Today it is a gift to the emperor, hoping that the emperor will be safe and healthy in the future!”

“Qian’er is interested! I like it very much” Liang Chenyi said cheerfully with a smile

After Liang Qianyue took it out for Liang Chenyi to see, he closed the lid again and gave it to Xia Ying

Liang Mu’er grabbed the bed sheet in her hand, very regretful in her heart, she was too anxious when she came! I didn’t expect to bring gifts at all, but now I’m being compared!

Qianyue is all to blame! No one else brought gifts, but she was troublesome, and brought a pendant. Isn’t this intentionally embarrassing her?

She gave Liang Qianyue a fierce look, and then said with a sweet smile: “Uncle Emperor, Yu’er was all worried about you when he came. I didn’t remember to bring gifts and hope to forgive me! However, with you and me With a gift, it seems alienated! What do you think?”

Liang Xueyu looked at him with piercing eyes. Liang Chenyi glanced at her and asked, “Why didn’t the prince come with you?”

“Oh, the emperor brother is busy with government affairs, let me visit the emperor on his behalf!”

Although Liang Xueyu’s tone was still brisk, the light in his eyes dimmed, and the emperor did not answer her question!

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