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The Doomsday Catastrophe

The Doomsday Catastrophe (Novel)
Other Name: 末法浩劫 / Apocalypse

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Martian panda
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Song Zhen. Nine years ago, an event that shocked everyone occurred in extraterrestrial space, which caused the earth’s magnetic field to fail and all communications directly failed. That day the earth fell into darkness, there were countless accidents, and disasters in various places continued…

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Recently, the world is in chaos.

Various reports exploded on the Internet, and in just a few days, the world looked like a big change.

Ever since the outer space of the Earth landed on the Nine Great Lands of Heaven and the Nine Prescription Positions, this has always pressed the hearts of people around the world. There is also the blue mist in the air, both day and night, especially in the mountains.

However, according to expert analysis, these blue mists contain mysterious energy. Breathing all the year round helps to improve the body.

Regarding the “great change” that occurred last night, the Nine Blue Incident has caused many wild beasts in the mountains to mutate and become brutal and bloody, which makes people extremely scared.

But news on the Internet revealed that in this mutation, some humans have become very powerful.

Such people are called “foreign people”.

The reason why these people change is because they contain “mysterious factors” in their bodies, and they become strangers after taking “different fruits”.

“Several major domestic chaebols have joined hands to find this mysterious fruit in famous mountains and historic sites.”

Someone posted on the Internet, which moved many people, and several big chaebols joined forces. Is this going to sweep those famous mountains? Even though the beasts are now terrifying, humans have thermal weapons in their hands and nuclear power with great lethality.

“No, I have to go deep in the mountains to find fruit, so that I can evolve into a “god.” Some people can’t help this temptation, only seeing power, wanting to be strong,

“Come on, according to research by major forces, if there is no “mysterious factor” in your body, you can’t become a “different person”, even if you eat those “different fruits”.” Someone laughed.

Various opinions continue on the Internet, and the opinions differ.

Some people say that this is the beginning of the end times, and mankind will eventually perish!

It is also said that this is the beginning of a flourishing age, and that mankind will evolve to an unimaginable new height!

Song Zhen, who walked out of the forest, quickly charged the communicator and turned it on.

There were several missed calls on the screen, and it was found that it was my mother. It seemed that my mother was very worried about herself. After looking at it, he called back.

As soon as the communicator was connected, there was a woman crying from the other side, which made Song Zhen frowned, as if something was wrong.

“Mom. What’s wrong with you.” Song Zhen said anxiously.

There was a constant crying from the communicator, which made Song Zhen’s heart anxious, and a voice came from the other end: “Something happened to your dad.”


A thunderbolt slammed into his heart, and Song Zhen’s hands and feet were instantly cold, and said: “Mom, don’t cry, what’s wrong with my dad.”

Mother Song kept crying, and Song Zhen felt very uncomfortable when she heard that, she couldn’t wait to have a pair of wings and flew to her mother’s side immediately.

A few minutes later, Song Zhen’s face became cold, and a hatred rose from his heart.

His parents had been in Wangjiang Town for a long time, but just last night, a mysterious person suddenly appeared and asked them to die in an accident. To save Song’s mother, Song’s father was seriously injured and almost died.

Fortunately, the two of them knew a friend, this friend was a stranger, powerful, and saved them both. Now move them to Huicheng.

Huicheng is the largest city in Anhui with complete facilities and very safe.

“Mom, what’s wrong with Dad now?” Song Zhen asked worriedly.

“Your dad is fine now, and he is still asleep.” Mother Song felt scared when she thought of what happened last night. Then she suddenly thought of something and said anxiously: “Son, where are you now? I call your dad. ‘S friend came to pick you up, he is a stranger.”

“Mom, I’m fine. I’m safe now. I’ll go to Huicheng to find you.” Song Zhen heaved a sigh of relief, and expressed his sincere thanks to the friend his parents knew.

Had it not been for that friend’s action, he would not dare to imagine the consequences.

When Mother Song heard that her son wanted to come by herself, she panicked and said she didn’t agree with anything. In the end, Song Zhen explained that he had a friend beside him, and he was also a stranger. Now he was protecting him and he was very safe.

“Mom, do you know the origin of that person?” Song Zhen’s tone slowly became cold when he said this.

So far, he has only offended the winner. Is it the winner who wants to kill his parents? Thinking of this, his heart surged with murderous intent.

The communicator was silent for a while, and said: “I suspect it was your uncle’s hand.”

“What!” Song Zhen groaned in his heart, not daring to think.

Mother Song said her guess over there. It turned out that his parents learned that he had muscle atrophy and lost his ability to move for half a year. The two were anxious to leave the matter behind and hurried back from abroad.

Then, on that day, the nine great heavens descended on the land, and within a few days they learned that the family had a few mysterious fruits. After taking them, they could cure all diseases and become a powerful person, even a stranger.

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