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No. 361 Soul Exchange

No. 361 Soul Exchange (Novel)
Other Name: 361号灵魂交易所

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Luo Youchen
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Yuexi Xie Wenjun, she is the mysterious treasurer of No. 361 Exchange. He is the leader in the treasurer of the Soul Exchange. When a conspiracy against her unfolds slowly, does he help her to abuse her, or rein in the precipice?

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Time passed unconsciously for a long time, and the sky outside was already dark. Settling down with Grandpa Feng, Xu Yan came to Yuexi and asked: “How true or false do you think what Grandpa Feng said?”

“The previous statement is true, as for the latter…”

“The latter is what Qi Sao herself said, should it be true”

“No, it’s a fake” Yue Xi said affirmatively. Something divided her body into two, half cremated and half buried in water. If you are really afraid that she will become a ghost to collect debts, you should directly cremate her body.

Moreover, the corpses of the deceased were highly valued at that time, and even if the villagers were bolder, it was impossible to do such a thing.

“Then the men in the village really treat her…”

Yue Xi glanced at him, and then sneered: “This is not surprising. She was trafficked. My grandfather said that she was very beautiful. A girl who was abducted from the city had a good look. Plus her husband is a dead person, what do you think those people think?”

“It’s you if you want to change, what would you do?”

Xu Yan’s face turned black, and the flatness on his face was completely broken.

“Feng Luo, don’t think about everyone so silly”

“You don’t waste, will you invite me in while wearing a bath towel?”

“No, mine is…”

“What is that?” Yuexi asked back.

Xu Yan has a black line, yes, it’s not clear how to explain it. Isn’t he just thinking about taking medicine and having trouble wearing clothes? How did he know that the bath towel would fall off.

Now he was very thankful that he was wearing underwear, otherwise he might have been hacked by her.

It is strange to say that after Yuexi and the others came to Xiaohuai Village, the female ghost did not appear, but let them live a peaceful life for a few days.

Grandpa Feng woke up the next day. Hearing Xu Yan talk about the situation that day, he sat on the threshold every day, staring straight at the village with two eyes.

“Grandpa Feng, what are you looking at?”

Xu Yan sat down beside him and looked over there along the direction he was looking. It was a bamboo forest, which was very dense and not small in scale.

“Xiao Xu”

“Well, I’m here, Grandpa Feng, you say”

“You take Xiao Luo away”

Xu Yan was slightly surprised. This is not the first time Grandpa Feng said this, but this time he had a bad feeling.

“Grandpa Feng, why do you say that? You are Miss Feng’s grandfather. You can’t call her away. Where can I call her?”

“She will not let me go, nor will she let Xiao Luo go”

“Since you know, then you still…”

“I won’t let her harm Xiao Luo, absolutely not”

Grandpa Feng took the crutches and knocked hard on the ground, looking strangely at the bamboo forest over there.

There are no eyeballs in his eyes, but they seem to have long eyes, staring tightly there.

Xu Yan frowned and hurriedly told Yuexi about Grandpa Feng’s strangeness.

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