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Miyue Biography

Miyue Biography (Novel)
Other Name: 羋月傳

Genre: novel
Author: Jiang Shengnan
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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The term “Queen Dowager” came from her; the dictatorship of the Queen Mother started from her.
First he became a concubine, then a mother, and finally became a national leader.
Unruly, clever means, history can not be ignored!

Water flooding from the south to the northwest tigers of the country by the Chu Shu Qin came to power a princess into a queen mother great struggle of the world, everyone has a heart fight, do not fight it will die.

The marriage of the Princess of Chu became a political bargaining chip for the court, and the situation changed overnight. The tragic death of Wei Guomei revealed the deficiencies of Chu Wanghuai, and it became the beginning of Mi Yue’s rebellion. The failure of Qu Yuan’s reform not only affected the direction of the prince, but also the situation of national affairs, Japan and Africa!

It is difficult for the nations to join together and the king of Qin is in love with the king. Various changes have brought Miyue to the road of dowry. Huang Xie disappeared in the rebellion army, she was unhappy and at a loss, only the flame of revenge was burning silently. Determined to go to another court, the identity of the murderer has yet to be ascertained, but the wrestling in the harem has begun…

“Zixie, let’s go, I have a feeling that if we don’t go at this time, we won’t be able to go in this lifetime.”

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