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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 32 Recap

In grief, Runyu summoned a high-level aquatic spell, and the empress was restrained in this way. At the critical moment, the god of water protects him, but Runyu is still reluctant. The god of water advises Runyu to think about the common people in the world. Don’t let the corpse of Dongting Lake float hundreds of miles because of resentment towards one person. Runyu just listened. The empress ordered the god of water to kill Runyu, and the god of water asked her if she really had a clear conscience. The Queen took a bite back on the grounds that the God of Water was covering Xili. The God of Water only said that he had a point in front of the Emperor.

Yanyou gave Runyu the lonely Ye Mingzhu. Looking at the lonely past and the hope for Runyu in Ye Mingzhu, Runyu couldn’t help but shed grief. Kuang Lu and Little Loach secretly looked at Runyu, who was shrouded in grief, as helpless as an abandoned child.

The water god reported the Dongting Lake incident to the emperor, and the emperor rebuked him for sheltering Xili, and he shouldn’t have rescued Xili in his early years and was involved in it. The God of Water admitted that he did not want the Shui compatriots to be overwhelmed, so he secretly rescued Xili, but did not notice that Xili went astray.

The God of Water believes that the various acts that have violated the rule of heaven today are the reincarnation of cause and effect. He is angry with the Emperor of Heaven and his love, and blames the Emperor for slaying and overcorrecting. The water god warned the emperor of Runyu’s identity, hoping that the emperor could handle this matter properly, so that the innocent should not be hurt.

The Queen was very angry at Runyu’s resistance, and thought that Yanyou had taken the Spirit Destruction Sword to deal with Xufeng, so Qi Yuan took the Spirit Destruction Arrow back and killed Jin Mi. The emperor learned that Qi Yuan had already met Liu Ying, and she assured Qi Yuan that once Sha Jin Mi Mie Kou would detoxify Qi Yuan from the corpse of the celestial silkworm, she would consider fulfilling them.

Qi Yuan thought that Liu Ying had left the wooden house and returned to the Demon World. Just when Qi Yuan was sad, Liu Ying appeared in front of him and asked why he had to come back. Liu Ying kissed, and the two spent a night of spring supper. In the early morning, the two recalled the old days of the Demon World. Qi Yuan also told Liu Ying that she was imprisoned and punished by the Demon Lord that day. Liu Ying expressed his willingness to remove her position as the princess of the Demon Race, and only wished to fight Qi Yuan. Ordinary couple. Ke Qiyuan’s disintegration of the emperor had a sudden attack. He told Liu Ying that he could not promise her anything, so he turned and left.

Xufeng asked Jinmi to play chess. During the game, he told Jinmi that he had to go out to fight against Liangguo himself. Jinmi was worried about Xufeng, and Xufeng promised to Jinmi that he would return safely. After arranging her identity Marry her, so that anyone can’t talk about Jin Mi. After Xufeng left, Jin Mi vomited blood and fainted, and was rescued by Runyu who was invisible on the side. Even though Runyu knew that she was from the past, she still couldn’t bear to watch her suffer.

Runyu said that he wanted to find someone behind the scenes to avenge Jin Mi, but Jin Mi said that she had no intention of revenge, and that what she asked for was one thing, hoping that Runyu could keep Xufeng safe.

Xu Feng was arranging tactics, but Suihe came to the front line to share the joys and sorrows of the people at the border, Xu Feng had no choice but to agree to Suihe’s request. Sui He was familiar with military books, had a good strategy, and gave Xufeng’s army many useful suggestions. Xufeng asked Suihe and Yanyou how to explain. Suihe angrily said that she was controlled by Yanyou’s puppet technique that day. Everyone knows what she wants for Xufeng. If Xufeng doesn’t want herself, she will have to do it herself. It broke.

The king of Nanping learned of Xufeng’s marching route and was ready to ambush King Yi at Anyuan Pass. Unexpectedly, Suihe was found in the marching team, and the king of Nanping had to order the army not to harm the princess and take the lives of other people.

Jin Mi asked if the poison that Qianghuo had given him was Qingyue, Qianghuo knelt down crying and admitted that he had put the poison of Qingyue in Jin Mi’s tea. Qingyue is a colorless and odorless poison that does not cause abnormalities in the human pulse. The toxicity should not take Jinmi’s life, but because Jinmi has tasted the herbs in the early years, the toxicity in the body has broken the inherent balance due to Qingyue. , Broke out once. Jin Mi confessed to Qiang Huo that in the last days, she would live as Jin Mi instead of a saint.

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