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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 31 Recap

Jin Mi and Qiang Huo celebrated their birthdays in the dormitory. The day when the aunt of the holy medical clan picked them up was their birthdays. They would get drunk every year to celebrate. Jin Mi prepared a gift for Qianghuo. It was a succulent plant. Jinmi felt that succulent and Qianghuo were very similar, so he bought it for her. After Jin Mi was drunk, she came to her dream and saw Shuanghua again. Shuanghua asked Jin Mi to let her go out. She wanted to say that she loved her. Shuanghua told Jin Mi what love is, and Jin Mi felt that she was in love with Xufeng.

Jin Mi was awakened by Qiang Huo. She thought Xu Feng would not call her again, and wanted to continue to toast with Qiang Huo, but she heard Qin Tong’s knock on the door. Qin Tong took Jin Mi to a room and found that Xu Feng was acting behind the scenes when the two met in the mountains and knew each other. Jin Mi found it very interesting, so he played with him.

Xu Feng took the opportunity to confess, Jin Mi did not want to deceive herself, lifted the veil and kissed Xu Feng. Xu Feng stunned, Jin Mi simply took off the veil, and the two kissed together without scruple. Jin Mi had coughed up blood a few days ago and knew her fate, so she wanted to confess her feelings to Xufeng. She told Xufeng aloud that it was him that she liked.

Runyu and Kuang Lu came to the bottom of Dongting Lake again. Xufeng felt that her biological mother was so angry that she had left her that she did not want to recognize herself, thinking that her departure had hurt her deeply, but Yanyou refused his visit. Runyu bowed down outside the door. He apologized to Xili and blamed himself for failing to fulfill his filial piety. He knew that it would be difficult for him to forgive Xili. He only hoped that the day would be long, and the two would still enjoy the family.

Xili was heartbroken inside the house, but still did not dare to go outside. After Runyu left, Xili wandered outside the temple, crying that she had already put her life and death out of her hands, just to avenge her loved ones. Since Runyu can soar into the sky, she really does not want to drag Runyu into hell again.

Jin Mi saw Runyu in the mansion. She had forgotten the night when Runyu had erased her memory, and she apologized to Runyu for her missed appointment. The two were cooking tea in the mansion and enjoying the scenery. Runyu and Jin Mi talked about Jin Mi’s days in the sky. He remembered Jin Mi’s reaction when he saw her for the first time. He was grateful that Jin Mi saw his humble real body.

Treat him like everyone else. Runyu asked Jin Mi how to treat his burns, and he wanted to restore his stubborn appearance. Jin Mi gave Runyu Hongyu Shengji Ointment and Dragon Blood Shengji Ointment, hoping to relieve his worries.

Qi Yuan followed Runyu to Dongting Lake and reported it to the emperor. The emperor went to the lake and found that spiritual power was surging here. Yanyou appeared by the lake and was discovered by the empress. He slandered Yanyou and the god of water for hiding evil intentions, but Yanyou choked that the heavens did not teach the king’s law. The emperor was furious and ordered Qi Yuan to kill Yanyou to kill her.

The two were fighting, but saw Xili appear, and the spiritual power of Xili summoned Mieri Binglin, and the empress knew that Xili was behind the murder of Xufeng. Runyu brought the ointment given by Kuang Lu and Jin Mi to the Dongting Lake, but Lier ran first to report the emergence of the empress. Xili’s skill is not as good as that of the empress, Yanyou wanted to help, but Qi Yuan was overwhelmed by the balance.

Runyu appeared in time and took a palm of the empress and saved Xili. The empress reprimanded Runyu for breaking her childhood promise. Only then did Runyu remember that she had taken the floating dream pill on her own initiative and forgot her childhood memories.

Runyu asked the empress to let go of her biological mother and promised the empress not to compete with Xufeng for the throne, as long as he could live quietly with her biological mother. He kept kowtow and prayed, but the empress remained unmoved and still held a palm. Hacked down. Xili tried his best to resist the empress’s spell and counterattacked. Not long after Xi died, she finally told Runyu her true inner thoughts, but it was too late. With grief, Runyu resorted to the Shui Clan’s great magic to the emperor.

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