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Fights Break Sphere 斗破苍穹 Episode 17 Recap

Xiao Yan was very weak after the game and was dragged directly into the Najie space by the medicine dust to repair his body. The Yan Gang people are thinking about how to celebrate Xiao Yan, but no matter what method they use, they cannot wake him up. At this time, the order of the investigation in the palace suddenly came out, and the elder Mittenshan was even wanted, and the emperor was assassinated. This news surprised everyone, and Xiao Yan was surprised when he woke up. Since the end of the second game, such trainees have never seen Elder Mi. There must be something wrong here.

In fact, Mimi Tengshan was hunted down by hunting on the night of the game. Fortunately, he escaped from the birth day. What was unexpected was that the main messenger behind the scenes was the Izmir Fama. He couldn’t figure out, what else could Soul Destroy take out to buy Fama, who was already the pinnacle of the Supreme Man, so Elder Rice must go back to find the answer. Fama played the piano leisurely and was not surprised by the appearance of Mitten Mountain. He told Elder M. The most precious thing in this world is life. The emperor has been turned into bones and weathered for thousands of years, but the soul is still alive and even alive. Living better, immortality is the promise of the soul temple. After so many things Fama has seen through, those honors and status are not as happy as immortality. This answer seemed to make sense, but it was also arrogant. Mitengshan was sad when he knew the answer, and then he was tied up by Wuhuada.

The third game of the Puppet Pharmacist competition is about to start. According to the announcement, Mittenshan and Fama were absent due to important events, and the game was hosted by Dan Wangguhe. Speaking of this year’s finals, it is quite strange. This rule seems to be aimed at the soul clan. They actually required the participating parties to refine the poison and let the other party take it, and then each of them will detoxify their poison. No responsibility, the attitude of life and death willing to gamble to lose is shockingly cold.

The poison used by Fan Ling is not strange, but it is his own blood. Xiao Yan was in pain after serving, his hands were cold and cold, and his poison was fierce. With the passage of time, Xiao Yan’s poison would slowly become a dynamite barrel, and the end was tragic. Over time, the effect of the poison became more and more obvious. Xiao Yan also used animal fire to ignite Fan Ling’s clothes, which made everyone laugh. Furukawa looked at the current situation and thought that there must be someone violent on the spot today.

Xiao Yan entered the Najie space for help. Yaochen said that he could help Xiao Yan to relieve the three poisons on his body. After all, the drug introduction of the poisonous drug was the blood of the heart. This method comes from the blood sect, and only Fan Ling can solve it. Xiao Yan knew that the stalemate was going on, and neither of them could survive. He persuaded Fan Ling to surrender with himself, ending this ridiculous game. Only Furukawa and Han Feng knew that there would be problems if they continued this way, but they didn’t ring the bell. One was a son of the soul family and the other was the son of a traitor. Both died and followed Han Feng’s intentions.

Xiao Yan and Fan Ling finally gave up the match and gave up the game. Fan Ling’s poison has been lifted off, but Xiao Yan has no poison left. He can only take the blood of Fan Ling. This scene is so familiar, Xiao Yan can never forget the scene where Fan Yan confuses students at Canaan College. He was determined not to drink, otherwise he would be troubled by the puppet of the soul temple. Xiaoyi Xian cut his arm at a critical moment, and the bright green blood finally saved Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yixian returned home with Hai Lao after the game, and Xiao Yan was alone with Xun Er. He asked if Xun Er had a favorite person. Xun Er said that the person was a world-leading hero. Xiao Yan did not hear The meaning of the words, even the younger sister who grew up would like himself. The two were chatting about Nalan Yan suddenly asking for a meeting. She said that Prince Yelan would summon Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yanrong couldn’t wait for too much to leave. The prince told Xiao Yan that the country is in trouble now and Mitengshan is also missing. Now there are no emperors in the Izumo country. I am afraid that except the prince himself, other people are controlled walking dead Nothing more. The prince thought that all of this had something to do with the Blood Sect and the Soul Hall, and he said that he would hand over the secret map of the palace to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan and Nalan Yan sneaked into the palace according to the secret road. Sure enough, they saw a lot of zombie eunuchs. At this time, the eunuchs were holding a sacrificial ceremony. They found Xiao Yan and Yan Ran almost at the same time. Chase. Xiao Yan suddenly choked Yan Ran’s throat, thinking that all this was Na Lan Yan Ran’s conspiracy, and she was using her to achieve some purpose. Yan Ran admits that she used Xiao Yan to find out the secrets of the palace and complete the things that Nalanda told, but she never colluded with the soul palace. After hearing this explanation, Xiao Yan let go of his hand.

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