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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 30 Recap

Qin Tong collected all kinds of fresh and valuable gadgets for Xufeng. Among the many gifts, Xufeng fell in love with a mini tortoise, and Xufeng felt that Jin Mi had the personality of a tortoise when he encountered it. Very similar. Jin Mi held the dragon scales given by Runyu and looked at it in the sun, when Xu Feng suddenly appeared. Seeing that Jin Mi was such a precious dragon scale, Xu Feng kept saying that it was given to him by a god, and suddenly became jealous. He laughed at Jin Mi for being deceived by this man.

He also demanded that Jin Mi could not see him in the future. Jin Mi was very happy to receive the little tortoise, and Xu Feng took the opportunity to ask Jin Mi to give herself a gift. Jin Mi asked him what gift he wanted, and Xu Feng said that he had only wanted one.

Runyu told Kuang Lu about his childhood. From birth, he was hidden in the deepest place at the bottom of the lake, living in darkness. When he was young, he was bullied by other aquarium children in Taihu Lake. After a resistance, Xili actually pulled off Runyu’s dragon scales and horns. Runyu and Kwong Lu confessed that when they were young, what they feared most was the cold, which was utterly cold after blood loss.

Although he is the son of the Emperor of Heaven, he admires Kuang Lu very much. He is an illegitimate child who was abandoned by his biological mother and is not seen. Kuang Lu is the jewel in the palm of others. Listening to Runyu’s tragic past, Kuang Lu felt very distressed.

In Yunmengze, Xili blames Yanyou for bringing Runyu to see him privately. Yanyou fights the injustice for Runyu, and Xili tells him the whole story. It turned out that Xili was originally a princess of the Dragonfish clan of Taihu Lake. She made a marriage contract with the eldest son of Emperor Qiantang.

One year, the Queen’s birthday banquet went to the heavens with her father to offer his life, and she strayed into the Shengjing Pavilion and met the Emperor, but the Emperor He concealed his true identity and lied that he was the god of the night, the Taoist name Beichenjun. At first sight, the two met and talked about each other after dusk. Jun Beichen also gave the Spirit Fire Orb as a gift of love, but Jun Beichen suddenly disappeared one day.

Xili only found out that he was pregnant after returning to Taihu Lake. Although he secretly gave birth to Runyu, he was still seen by his father who his biological father was. Under his anger, he was relieved from the position of princess, and he retired with Qiantang Jun Shizi A marriage contract. Soon after, Lord Qiantang sued his father to the heavens for failing to abide by the marriage contract.

With a wave of his hand, the Emperor of Heaven allocated 36,000 hectares of water to the bird race. The entire dragon fish clan can only succumb to Lize. Yanyou thought that the emperor was doing it to please the queen, but Xili said that he was too young at the time and didn’t know how sinister the emperor’s heart was. This was his plan with one stone and three birds.

Runyu grew bigger and bigger, and terrible things finally happened. Runyu couldn’t bear the humiliation and resisted loudly, but caused the surge technique, causing an uproar on the water. The God of Water was ordered to check and learned that Runyu was the son of the Emperor, so he concealed the truth for herself and told her to take care of Runyu.

In order to prevent Runyu from looking out of the ordinary, Xili had to pull off his dragon scales and horns, but didn’t want Runyu’s self-healing ability to be particularly strong, so he had to endure this kind of skin pain every once in a while. The bloody Runyu was distressed, but after all, there was no way.

Runyu told Kuang Lu that he was not as good as dead at that time. After he transformed into a human form, he rarely showed himself in his real form. The scars on his skin seemed to remind him of his shame. I accidentally heard the old dragon fish say that fish will die if they leave the water, so I took advantage of the night to rise to the surface and look at the stars in the sky, thinking that even death is worth it.

On that day, the emperor came to him and said that he could take him to heaven. Tianhou said that as long as he went to heaven with herself, mother would naturally not be in pain. Runyu suddenly reacted. It was not his mother who abandoned her, but her mother.

Yanli told Yanyou that the empress burned Lize to consolidate her position, took away Runyu, and wiped out all the Arowana clan. Her father and brother died tragically in her hands. Before his father died, he asked her to take revenge. When he woke up again, he was already in Yunmengze, and it was the water god who saved him.

Xili had already lost all thoughts, and the god of water advised her to live on Runyu’s face. At the beginning, his retiring not only reduced the Arowana clan’s territory, but also weakened the water god’s power, and Xili was blindly immersed in grief and did not realize the righteousness of the water god. Xili came into contact with many classics in the Provincial Jingge, and began to practice diligently in order to get revenge. Xili believes that the most complete revenge is to let Runyu take over the position of the emperor and take charge of the heavens.

After seeing the portrait of Jin Mi painted by Yanyou, Yan Li discovered that she was somewhat similar to Zi Fen, so she revealed her identity at the Queen’s birthday banquet, but did not want Jin Mi to be the daughter of the water god. Yanyou said that Jin Mi is a very kind girl and she will understand after explaining it to her.

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