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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 29 Recap

Yanyou came to look at the Ling Ling Arrow again, and saw that it was still hanging above Xufeng’s study, and couldn’t help muttering to himself with emotion. The fairy under the moon appeared behind Yanyou and asked him what providence was? Yanyou was afraid that his affairs would be revealed, and quickly pulled the fairy under the moon aside. The more they talked, the more they fell in love, they decided to go to the wine shop and have a chat together.

Yanyou returned to the Dongting Lake and heard the benefactor scolding Little Loach again. Yanyou reported that she had not regained the Extinguishing Arrow. The benefactor became hysterical after hearing this, and she kept scolding Yanyou for deceiving herself. Yanyou defended Xufeng, saying that Xufeng was innocent, and the benefactor said that he wanted the empress to taste the pain of losing his son.

She forced Yanyou to tell the location of Ling Lingjian, and Yanyou saw that the benefactor was crazy, so she had to continue to agree to her plan to kill Xufeng. Yanyou looked at the benefactor whose temperament had changed drastically, thinking that perhaps only Runyu could stop her from going crazy.

Suihe lost his marriage to Xufeng because of Yanyou’s teasing, and sulked at home without eating or drinking. The king of Nanping looked worried. The king of Nanping persuaded Suihe to accept the reality, but Suihe threatened Nanpinghou with his own life, so he had to agree to Suihe to continue to think of a solution. The king of Nanping sent a letter to Liangguo, ready to take his life while Xufeng was on the expedition.

Xufeng came to Jin Mi, but Qiang Huo stopped him for various reasons. When Runyu came to the mortal world, she was dissatisfied with the lanterns in Jin Mi’s courtyard. Yanyou appeared next to Runyu, and Runyu immediately asked him why he wanted to snatch the spirit arrow and why he participated in the action to hurt Xufeng. Yanyou thought that maybe he could take the opportunity to take Runyu to Yunmengze, so he told Runyu If you want to know the truth, follow yourself.

Yanyou brought Runyu to Dongting Lake and asked Runyu if he had an impression of this place. Runyu had a feeling of deja vu here, but for some reason a sense of fear arose in her heart.

Xu Feng saw that Jin Mi was avoiding herself, and asked Qin Tong if there was something wrong with what she did. Qin Tong guessed that Xufeng’s drunkenness a few days ago was self-defeating and turned into a drunken gaffe. Xufeng asked Qin Tong how to coax her beloved, and asked Qin Tong to buy many new and expensive gadgets.

Runyu brought Kuang Lu to Dongting Lake. At the bottom of the lake, he suddenly remembered all the past, the bullying of friends, the scolding of his mother, and the scenes of being pulled off the dragon scales by his mother. When these scenes came to his mind again, Runyu’s hands trembled unconsciously.

The two came to Yunmengze’s door, and Yanyou came out to greet Runyu. The three of them entered the house, the benefactor did not dare to meet Runyu, but Runyu went straight to her, took out the mermaid picture in the Heavenly Emperor Jingjing Pavilion, and asked her if she knew the fairy inside. Xili said that he did not know him, but Runyu solved the painting by himself.

He said that the emperor of heaven practiced fire spells, but as his son he practiced water spells, it means that his birth mother is aquatic, and this picture The woman in the painting walks on the waves, and all these clues are connected, and then it can only explain one thing, the stubbornness in the Tiandi painting is his own mother. It’s just that someone erased his childhood memories, Runyu can’t remember anything from childhood.

Xili didn’t dare to recognize Runyu, and forced him to leave as soon as possible. Runyu asked Xili why he didn’t want to recognize him. He thought that his mother loved him, but he was separated because of the situation. Now it does not seem to be the case. Runyu asked if he was the shame of Xieli, why did she give birth to herself again? Xieli clamored for Runyu to leave. Runyu was desperate, saying that those who begotten, abandoned, and destroyed others belonged to him. Mother. He cried and kowtowed his head, saying that from today onwards, the relationship between mother and child will be broken.

Runyu walked out of Dongting Lake step by step, Kuang Lu followed Runyu’s face, Runyu’s tears fell on her face, Runyu couldn’t understand what her mother was doing today, tears kept falling. After Runyu’s departure, Yanli mournfully called Runyu’s nickname, which made Yanyou feel distressed.

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