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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 28 Recap

Jin Mi was hearing that Mr. Shu talked about King Yi’s magnificent military exploits, but he heard that King Yi had a wrong experience. She took the topic and described how heroic King Yi was. The surrounding audience listened intently and applauded. Qianghuo asked how Jinmi knew such details. It turned out that Jinmi often pestered him to listen to these stories when he was acting with Xufeng, but Jinmi didn’t tell Qianghuo the truth.

Jin Mi had just returned to Beiyuan Villa and was invited by Qin Tong to Xufeng Hall. Xu Feng invited Jin Mi to work together to make a phoenix lamp, and the two men sew up until midnight before reluctantly making a crooked lamp. Not only that, Xufeng also prepared many phoenix lanterns made by herself as gifts for Jin Mi. Jin Mi was very happy to see the lanterns in the courtyard.

Xu Feng asked Jin Mi if she liked this gift, and Jin Mi happily said that she liked them all. As the two looked at each other, Jin Mi reminded herself to be more sober and not to have a different affection for King Yi. Jin Mi made up his mind to go back and take a reassurance pill, so he found an excuse to retire first.

The fact that Xu Feng had lit the phoenix lamp in the courtyard for the saint reached Suihe’s ears. When Suihe was angry, Qi Yuan broke into the house and restored the memory of Suihe Heaven. When Suihe woke up again, he was even more angry thinking of the heavens and the mortal world, and ordered Qi Yuan to destroy Jin Mi as soon as possible. Sui He found Nan Ping Hou and proposed to put her marriage contract with Xu Feng on the agenda. Nan Ping Hou decided to agree to this marriage for the future, and he assured Sui He that he would pass the paper up in the next few days.

The ministers were still urging Xufeng to set up the reserve a few days ago, but in the past few days it was replaced with urging Xufeng and Suihe’s marriage, which aroused Xufeng’s anger. Xu Feng was getting angry, but received Jin Mi’s request to return to the holy medical clan. Xu Feng was upset and ordered Qin Tong to bring sweet-scented osmanthus wine to relieve his troubles.

The fairy under Moon went down to check Xufeng’s situation, but saw that Yanyou was also there. Yanyou concealed the matter of Extinguishing Arrow and lied to the fairy under Moon to see if Jin Mi was well. Yanyou introduces the mortal situation to the fairy under Moon, and the two have a plan to fulfill Xufeng and Jin Mi.

Jin Mi knew that if she stayed here, she would not be able to put her feelings towards Xu Feng, so she wanted to leave this place of right and wrong. Just thinking about it, Xu Feng, who was drunk, broke into Jin Mi’s bedroom. Jin Mi leaned closer and smelled Wen Xufeng, and found that Xufeng had drunk a lot of wine. This scene happened to be seen by Qiang Huo, and she walked away disappointedly. Xu Feng talked to Jin Mi about her marriage with Sui He, but Jin Mi left this topic aside and asked Xu Feng whether he had seen his post requesting to return to the holy medical clan. Xufeng confessed his heart to Jin Mi.

He confessed to Jin Mi and promised to arrange a new identity for Jin Mi and protect her from staying with him for life. Jin Mi found many excuses to decline in every possible way. Xu Feng didn’t want her to treat herself that way, telling her that she would not approve her to return to the sage medical clan’s Zhezi, and then left.

Qianghuo asked Jin Mi. King Yi once approved the two of them to return to the holy medical clan. Jin Mi said to him that it would be fine to stay here for a few days. After Qianghuo heard this, he handed Jin Mi a cup of tea.

Yanyou followed Suihe and stunned her with spiritual power. She saw that Suihe had opened up the memory of the immortal family, and fixed Suihe who wanted to escape. Nanping Hou learned that the princess was missing and ordered a search throughout the city.

Yanyou brought Suihe to Beiyuan Mountain Villa. He settled down in Suihe and pretended to be in love with Suihe in front of Xufeng, hoping that Xufeng would succeed. The fairy under the moon cast a puppet curse, and Suihe had to say what the fairy under the moon said. After hearing that, Xu Feng not only did not blame the two, but instead made them perfect, and announced the cancellation of her marriage with Suihe.

In order to track down the paintings in the Provincial Jingge, Runyu decided to go to the world to investigate the news of the Spirit Arrow and the Spirit Fire Orb. He ordered Kuang Lu to guard the Xuanji Palace and set off.

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