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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 27 Recap

When Qi Yuan was about to leave, King Gucheng’s people appeared again, and the few people who couldn’t get Lingling Arrow were frightened and decided to kill Liuying and return to their lives. Liu Ying was injured in the fight, Qi Yuan killed all the besieging people in angrily. Liuying looked at Qi Yuan, wondering if he only cared about himself like this.

Yanyou came to Beiyuan Villa with the Exterminating Arrow, and saw Xufeng who was still in the study writing memorials in the morning after three shifts. Yanyou questioned what the benefactor had explained to him. He decided to use a strand of hair to hang the Spirit Killing Arrow on Xu Feng’s head. Xu Feng’s fate depends on his luck.

Qi Yuan reported the loss of Ling Ling Arrow to Tian Hou, who was furious. Qi Yuan suspected that Yanyou was the one who stole the Spirit Killing Arrow, and the Queen ordered him to find the Spirit Killing Arrow back, otherwise he would use his own blood to refine one again. Qi Yuan returned to the wooden house and found no trace of Liuying. Just when he turned in disappointment, Liuying came in from outside. Qi Yuan returned the brass piece to Liu Ying, but still did not reveal her past to her. Qi Yuan persuaded Liu Ying to stop being obsessed with what she was going to do, so she let go of Liu Ying’s hand and left.

The little loach demonstrates the water mist technique in front of the benefactor, but the benefactor is furious several times without success. After Yanyou told the howling little loach to retreat, he reported to the benefactor that he hadn’t got the Lingering Arrow, and persuaded her to let her fate, and the evil would be rewarded, so that the queen could fend for itself. The benefactor heard the hysterical shout, saying that she had waited for too many years, and she wanted her to pay the debt.

Qin Tong was sent by Xufeng to buy the materials for the lotus lamp. The people under his team had a lot of criticism about this. Qin Tong explained that this is not an ordinary lantern, but Xufeng’s unique weapon. Qin Tong lost their way in the forest. Qin Tong accidentally ran into a gray-haired old couple.

The old woman was so angry that she hoped that her wife would give herself a happy life. Qin Tong couldn’t bear to see the difference between the yin and yang of the two of them, and took out all the silver taels to treat them. The old woman praised Qin Tong as a pure-hearted person, and asked her grandpa to help him, and she died after speaking.

Qin Tong helped the old man bury his wife. He couldn’t bear to watch the old grandfather be alone and invited him to the barracks. The old grandfather said that he owed him a favor, gave him a seal, and then took the silver and left. Qin Tong didn’t want to beg for retribution, so he left the seal in front of the old woman’s grave and left. But every time the seal came back to him without going too far, Qin Tong learned that this person must not be a mortal, so he simply accepted it generously.

The king of Nanping summoned his men to discuss the matter of forcing Xufeng to abdicate during the shogunate meeting. Suihe overheard a few people’s conversations, reprimanding Nanping Hou Langzi for his ambition and seeking the throne, and the angry king Nanping asked her to lock her up.

At the shogunate meeting, everything was carried out according to the design of the king of Nanping, but when it was the turn of the saint to appear on the stage, Jin Mi announced on the spot that Xu Feng was very healthy, and the problem was his meal. She took out the meal sheet, which recorded Xiangke’s medicated diet in detail, but it seemed to be a big supplement but it was killing people. Xu Feng asked where the meal list came from. Nanping Wang saw that the situation was unsatisfactory and placed the responsibility on Wang Ruixi, who was in charge of the meal.

Wang Ruixi dared not expose Nan Pinghou, so he had to take all the responsibility on himself. Nan Pinghou had always threatened Jin Mi with members of the Saint Medical Clan, but he didn’t know that Xu Feng had already tightly protected the Saint Medical Clan. Suihe was very happy after hearing that the maid said that Xufeng was in good health, but soon he asked whether the person behind the poison was found, for fear that King Nanping would be exposed.

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