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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 26 Recap

The two received a reply from their aunt. The aunt reminded them to receive the grace of the world and ask them to swear to live and die together with King Yi, take the righteousness of the family as the most important thing, and help King Yi save the common people. The saints are all. Overturned by Nanpinghou. When the two learned that the tribe was dead, they hugged each other and cried.

Jin Mi took the initiative to find Nanping Hou and asked Lord Hou about the dispensing of medicine. Jin Mi told me that if you want an unbiased poison on the 10th day, you need Xufeng’s medicated diet list and food intake in the past year. After hearing this, Nanpinghou ordered the supervisor of Shangshan Supervisor to make a copy.

On the way back to the palace, Jin Mi was called by Sui He again. She gave it to Jin Mi with Sibin Bianstone as a gift, but Jin Mi declined. Sui He said that he had learned that she was the king-slayer who had been inserted by Nanping Hou An beside King Yi and threatened her not to spare her in the future. Jin Mi thought that the princess was Nan Pinghou deliberately testing her. At first, he only dared to answer carefully. Seeing Suihe’s true temperament, he understood Suihe’s true heart for Xufeng. Jin Mi was inconvenient to confess with Suihe, so she had to deal with a few words and prepare to leave.

When Jin Mi was about to leave, a Liu Yeqing climbed onto Suihe’s feet. She screamed in fright. Jin Mi sprinkled realgar powder to drive away Liu Yeqing for Suihe. Seeing that the snake was intact and strong, Jin Mi followed his footsteps and prepared to catch him soaking in medicinal wine. She chased him all the way but ran into Yanyou. She saw Yanyou staggering and thought that Yanyou was also poisoned, but fortunately, she found that he was fine after taking his pulse.

Yanyou and Jin Mi were drinking and chatting in the restaurant. Jin Mi wanted Yanyou to tell her fortune. Yanyou replied that the ten hexagrams were not accurate and asked her what her troubles were. Jin Mi asked him if he could do something against his will, but Yanyou said he would ignore it. Jin Mi knew that things were not that simple, so she continued to drink depressed.

Xu Feng continued to pretend to be ill in front of Fu Xiang. Fu Xiang played the fold of the concubine. He wanted to cheer for Wang Shang and give birth to the emperor heir for the country. Seeing that Xu Feng refused to comply, he handed another fold, hoping that he would be from the clan The selected person sets up a reserve to consolidate the country’s foundation.

Xu Feng came to Jin Mi’s bedroom to discuss pretending to be sick. Xu Feng talked about Nafei Chongxi, but Jin Mi did not understand the meaning of Xu Feng. Xufeng said that she didn’t like those women. She asked Jin Mi if she wanted to try a different life, and if she wanted to be Queen Yi? Jin Mi was shocked when she heard it, and turned down Xu Feng, who was disappointed and left.

Jin Mi drew the magic dragon curse, and Runyu really appeared in front of her. She gave Runyu’s own wine, and Runyu was extremely happy to see it. Runyu transformed into epiphany and watched with Jinmi, Jinmi was pleasantly surprised. While Runyu was chatting with Jin Mi, Qi Yuan once again aimed at Jin Mi with the Ling Ling arrow not far away, and was about to open the bow, but Xu Feng appeared, Qi Yuan had to leave.

Xu Feng saw Runyu and asked who Runyu was. Runyu directly called Xufeng’s name, and Lord Liaoyuan immediately refuted Runyu. Runyu touched Liaoyuanjun’s hemp point. He wanted to go to a quiet place with Jin Mi to get some breath, but Xu Feng was stopped in front of him and wanted to compare him. When the two were fighting for you, Yanyou rushed over.

Yanyou fainted Xu Feng with a fairy method. Runyu wanted to give Jin Mi a good reward for the epiphany without any problems. Who would have thought that such a simple wish could not be achieved. He had to erase the memory of Jin Mi and Xu Feng that night.

Liaoyuan-jun was walking down the street, but was snatched by a few masked men. Yanyou appeared while fighting, and the fisherman profited and stole the Extinguishing Arrow.

Yanyou and Runyu mentioned Lingling Arrow on the way back. After Runyu returned to the heavens, they went to the Jingjing Pavilion with Kwong Lu to find out what the Lingling Arrow was, but accidentally saw his father painted it by himself. Woman and Spirit Fire Orb.

Liuying catches up with Mu Ci again, she warns Mu Ci not to touch Jin Mi and Xu Feng’s ideas, and Mu Ci tells Liu Ying that the spirit arrow has been lost. Liu Ying wanted to get the brass piece back, but Mu Ci pretended not to be ready to leave. Liu Ying pretended that she was injured, and the anxious Mu Ci quickly turned around and helped Liu Ying, but Liu Ying took off Mu Ci’s mask at this time.

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