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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 25 Recap

Xufeng pretended to be seriously ill, and asked the saint for consultation in front of Fu Xiang and Nan Pinghou. After the two of them withdrew from the king’s bedroom, Fu Xiang and Nanping Hou both said they had seen Xufeng hemoptysis and suspected that they were suffering from another illness. After sending off Fu Xiang, Nan Pinghou arranged for Suihe to enter the house to greet Xufeng, and wanted to use Suihe to explore the futility of Xufeng’s condition. He also wanted to spread the news that King Yi was ill and quit the court, in an attempt to cause panic.

Liu Ying chased Qi Yuan again to a bamboo forest. In order to force Qi Yuan to appear, Liu Ying jumped into the cliff. Sure enough, Qi Yuan turned into a plume of smoke and flew down the cliff to save Liuying. Liu Ying asked over and over again what had happened and why he disappeared after Nether Wrath appeared. It turns out that the people in the Demon World discovered that Qi Yuan was a descendant of the Spirit Tribe, and they imprisoned Qi Yuan in various tortures.

Qi Yuan didn’t want Liuying to be involved in this matter, and didn’t tell her the cause and effect. Liu Ying asks Qi Yuan to return to the Demon Realm, and the two continue to live like they used to live, but she does not know that Qi Yuan has long hated those people in the Demon Realm.

Suihe went to see Xufeng in the palace. Xufeng danced his sword in front of her. Suihe was so eloquent about the art of war, and Xufeng couldn’t help but praise her. Jin Mi delivered medicine to Xufeng, and Suihe insisted on taking off her veil. At this moment, Xufeng coughed and fell down. Suihe watched Jin Mi give Xufeng a pulse with worry.

Jin Mi said that King Yi’s disease was kidney yang and blood failure, and the six yang did not rise. Sui He asked Jin Mi if he could be cured, but Jin Mi said that it would last a day, and King Yi’s disease was already dying. Qianghuo took the opportunity to say that Xufeng was unconscious and could not wake up for a while, so Suihe went back first.

After Suihe left, Xu Feng immediately sat up from the bed and asked Jin Mi how his acting skills were. It turned out that the two were acting for Nanping Hou and Suihe. After Suihe left, Xufeng accused Jin Mi of improper handling. Now everyone in the world knows that he has a hidden illness, and he will not be able to see anyone after going out.

Xu Feng asked Jin Mi to be responsible for her widow and widow’s lonely end, saying that she was curious about Jin Mi’s face under the veil, but Jin Mi did not want to show Xu Feng what she looked like under the veil. Xu Feng approached Jin Mi step by step. As she got closer and closer, Jin Mi’s heartbeat accelerated, panicked for a while, and hurriedly pushed King Yi away and fled.

Fairy Yue Lao and Fairy Chance see the appearance of the two. Fairy Yuexia blames this because Fairy Chance has to arrange a lonely life for Jin Mi, but Fairy Chance says that all of this is Xufeng’s own fault. This is called digging his own pit. Jump yourself.

Suihe was very sad in the dormitory, and the king of Nanping pretended to comfort her and took the opportunity to inquire about Xufeng’s condition. Nanping Hou learned that Xufeng suffered five labors, seven injuries, and was dying ill, and said that he would definitely find a way to withdraw from their marriage, but Suihe couldn’t follow it.

Suihe opened the curtain of her boudoir and told Nan Pinghou that he would prepare a wedding gown and a mourning gown every year. The king of Nanping didn’t expect Suihe to be so infatuated, saying that Xufeng had been killed too much and he would definitely not be a long-lived person.

Nanping Hou sent someone to answer Jin Mi’s inquiry. Jin Mi lied that Yi Wang Yangshou had only one year left, but Nan Pinghou asked Jin Mi to try to reduce Yi Wang’s Yangshou to ten days. At the shogunate meeting ten days later, Nanping Hou was going to abolish him in front of Manchu civil and military forces. After Jin Mi came back, she kept frowning. Qianghuo asked when she saw it. Jin Mi had to tell her the truth. After thinking about it, Qianghuo suggested that Jin Mi write back to the holy doctor to ask his aunt.

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