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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 24 Recap

Liuying caught up with Qi Yuan and asked him why he entered Beiyuan Mountain Villa and why there was an Extinguishing Arrow. During the fight between the two, Liu Ying found that his moves were very much like his old lover, Mu Ci, and forced him to ask him as his old friend.

Seeing that her identity had been exposed, Qi Yuan immediately disappeared. Qi Yuan looked at the sad Liuying in the dark, and she was also very sad. He remembered the heart-shaped necklace Liu Ying had given him, but now the necklace is still there, but it is no longer a thing.

Xufeng summoned her to observe the pulse every day to see Jin Mi, falsely claiming that she had many diseases. Jin Mi was very anxious because it did not work. Xu Feng pretended to blame Jin Mi, making Jin Mi even more anxious. Jin Mi went back and chatted with Qianghuo about Xufeng’s illness. Qianghuo suspected that he was suffering from lovesickness, but Jin Mi believed that illnesses not mentioned in the book should not exist. The Houtuo people in Nanping brought the letter to Jin Mi. When Jin Mi was looking at it, Qianghuo happened to come in. She hurriedly hid the letter.

Jin Mi contracted Fenghan and fell ill. Xu Feng rushed to her bedroom and lost her temper and blamed Qiang Huo for not curing Jin Mi. The sweet interaction between the two in the sleeping hall was seen by Runyu. He could let Xufeng anything, but Jin Mi couldn’t.

At night, Yanyou sneaked into Qi Yuan’s sleeping hall to steal the Extinguishing Arrow, but Qi Yuan found out, and the two started fighting. Yanyou’s martial arts lost to Qi Yuan and let him run away.

Xufeng took care of Jin Mi all night, and when Jin Mi woke up, she asked Xufeng again. After Jin Mi checked the pulse phase, she still found no problem. She had to listen to Qianghuo and diagnosed Xufeng as lovesickness. Xufeng was chatting with Jin Mi, but was spotted by Qianghuo who broke into the house. She knelt on the ground and asked her guilt. Qianghuo wanted to persuade Jinmi to return to the holy medical clan, but Jinmi used the same old rhetoric to perfuse Qianghuo. Qianghuo asked Jin Mi if he couldn’t return, or he didn’t want to return.

Liu Ying dreamed of the past together with Mu Ci again. The two encountered Nether Wrath. At a critical moment, Mu Ci gave Liu Ying the opportunity to escape, but was backlashed.

At night, Jin Mi received a letter from Nan Pinghou pressured again. He walked out of the room to breathe, but was aimed at by Qi Yuan outside the door with an exterminating arrow. At the critical moment, Runyu appeared to protect her. Qi Yuan and Runyu didn’t get the upper hand, so they fled immediately.

Runyu gave Jin Mi a piece of dragon scale, and asked Jin Mi to draw a magic dragon curse with dragon scales if she wanted to find him. He also invited Jin Mi to fulfill his promise in the sky to accompany him to enjoy the night flowers. After returning to the heavens, Fairy Yuanji appeared to accuse Runyu of interfering in Jin Mi’s calamity, but Runyu blamed Fairy Yuanji for ineffectiveness. He also suppressed the Fairy Yuanji with the body of Jinmi Flower God.

Nanping Hou and Fu are discussing matters with Wang Yi, but Wang Yi is not seen. The two were wondering whether the rumors of King Yi’s serious illness are true, but they heard a violent coughing in the house. Nanping Hou rushed into the house and found Xu Feng had coughed up blood.

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