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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 23 Recap

When Jin Mi and Qianghuo came to the capital, they were quickly attracted by the food here. Yanyou dressed up as a fortune teller and wanted to tell Jin Mi fortunes, and also took out Jin Mi’s portrait to prove his skill. Jin Mi saw that the portrait was very similar to himself, and wondered if the fortune teller would really be an expert outside the world.

Yanyou was scolded by the people of Nanping Houfu, and he didn’t get too entangled. People from Nanping Palace invited Jin Mi into the teahouse. Nanping Marquis threatened with the lives of the saint doctor tribe, and asked Jin Mi to report King Yi’s situation to himself, and Jin Mi also told King Yi about his illness.

Lord Liaoyuan told Xufeng of Jin Mi’s whereabouts. Xufeng thought that this fortune-teller was extremely weird, and Lord Liaoyuan should investigate. Xu Feng didn’t want to involve her before the country was settled, but since she had already arrived, she had to keep her safe in this troubled world anyway.

Qianghuo heard that there was no princess in Xufeng’s Beiyuan. Jin Mi thought about it and thought it was related to the hidden male disease. Jin Mi went to ask Xu Feng for a pulse. It was clear that the pulse was normal, but Xu Feng wanted to say that he felt sick in his heart and liver, which made Jin Mi even more convinced that he had a hidden illness. Jin Mi suggested that Xu Feng try the medicine of Qianghuo, which is very effective for his kidney deficiency.

Xu Feng was so angry that she blamed her for a girl who said it inappropriately. He handed the manuscript of his exchange with Jin Mi in the mountains to Jin Mi, but Jin Mi mistakenly thought that the crow was the enemy of King Yi. King Yi came to blame himself for this trip, so he immediately knelt and admitted that he had stole thousands of years of snow. The crime of participating. King Yi asked Jin Mi, but he regretted saving him. Jin Mi’s answer to the doctor could not die. King Yi asked Jin Mi to raise her head, but Jin Mi did not dare. King Yi helped her get up, and Jin Mi realized that her former friend was the same as King Yi.

Runyu thought of the scene she had encountered at the Immortal under Moon and was restless, so she decided to go to the mortal world. Runyu came to the flower world and expressed that he was very worried about Jinmi and wanted to go down to protect Jinmi and interfere with Jinmi’s calamity. Changfang asked Runyu if he would be afraid that he would not have a good result with Jinmi in the end, but Runyu frankly said that he would waste time on Jinmi. The Water God knew Runyu’s thoughts and reminded him that it is against the rules of the heavens to be private, and Runyu said that even if he violated the rules of the heavens for the sake of Jinmi.

Jin Mi did not diagnose Xu Feng’s condition, and naturally could not explain to the Nanping King, which made her very anxious. Jin Mi really couldn’t come up with an idea, so she had to pin her hopes on the gods, but when she opened her eyes, Runyu really appeared in front of her. Runyu had never dared to disobey the emperor’s order before, and only dared to meet in her dreams as Yuanshen.

Now he was afraid that Xufeng would take Jin Mi away, so he had to show his true body in front of her. Jin Mi was very happy to see Runyu. Runyu lied to her that she was a deer-free fairy. Jin Mi comforted Runyu. What she said was exactly the same as the first time she saw Runyu, which made Runyu feel a little trance.

Liuying came to Beiyuan Villa with Qi Yuan’s breath, and Qi Yuan ran away after spotting Liuying. Liu Ying catches up with Qi Yuan, finds Lingling Arrow next to him, and asks who Qi Yuan is. Liu Ying and Qi Yuan fight, and Liu Ying finds that Qi Yuan’s moves are exactly the same as her old Ai Muci many years ago.

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