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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 20 Recap

Seeing that Vulcan had become flesh, the demons wanted to kill the troubles, but they met Jin Mi who happened to pass by here. The demon soldier went down and saw that Jin Mi had an immortal body protector, and immediately disappeared

The Spirit Clan was not extinct, and King Gucheng guessed that the clansmen who could summon the wrath of the Nether were not waiting. One of the two demon princes has not yet awakened, and the other is still crazy. King Gucheng wronged Xufeng and deliberately disregarded the life of the demon clan. The devil was angered and vowed to let Xufeng disappear.

Jin Mi guessed that Xu Feng was a desperate gangster, but he still cares for him with the kindness of his doctor. Seeing that Jin Mi had a cut wound by a sharp tool, Qianghuo asked why, but Jinmi didn’t know what happened. She told Qianghuo not to tell his aunts and elders to save them from worrying. At night, Jin Mi’s chest hurt again. She woke up and wanted to steal Thousand Years of Snow Ginseng to treat Xufeng’s illness, but Qiang Huo saw her.

Qiang Huo reprimanded Jin Mi for not using the medicine that King Yi made the Immortal Qiankun Pill for his use, but Jin Mi hoped to let Qiang Huo understand that the Immortal Pill was always the illusory dream of King Yi, and it was to give medicine to the people in need. What a doctor should do most. Seeing that Qianghuo was still stubborn, Jin Mi applied medicine to make Qianghuo stunned.

Xu Feng, who had used snow ginseng for thousands of years, finally woke up, not knowing what happened to him, but was wearing women’s clothes. Jin Mi entered the room to check his injuries, but was suppressed by Xu Feng. Xufeng realized that she was deaf and unvoiced, Jin Mi had to write a medical word to let Xufeng understand that she saved him. Xufeng wrote and asked Jin Mi about his injury. Jin Mi asked about his diet and found that he had several dishes in his two meals a day. The silt poison in the body of the solar eclipse was complicated. If not treated in time, no One year will be killed.

Demon Lord heard that he failed to kill the Vulcan, and Long Yan was furious. On the contrary, King Gucheng persuaded Demon Lord that this was a sign of great prosperity. Killing Xu Feng with an ordinary sword can only help him end his triumph and return to the heavens as soon as possible, while killing Xu Feng with a spirit-killing sword can make him wiped out. He proposed to take the opportunity to seize the Extinguishing Spirit Sword and kill Vulcan. Mozun sent King Gucheng to follow up the matter and asked him to deliberately conceal King Biancheng.

The empress’s confidant presented a spirit-killing arrow made of her own flesh and blood, saying that the arrow god blocked and killed the god, and the devil blocked the evil. The emperor asked him to promise to kill Jin Mi as soon as possible to ensure that she would never return to the heaven.

The Jin Mi Mao clan did not do anything, and used expensive herbs to treat Xufeng’s disease. The two wrote and chatted again, and Xu Feng told Jin Mi that he had been injured to fight the cold. Jin Mi mistakenly thought he was an ambitious bandit.

Suihe sent the twelve guards of the Eagles of the Shence Mansion, but still could not find the news of Xufeng. When he was in a hurry, officers and soldiers came to report. Ten days ago, he saw Xufeng being ambushed by the Liangguo army in Luoye Mountain.

Jin Mi tricked Xufeng to treat her illness, but in fact she washed her thorny herbs. Xu Feng, who returned to the house after washing, saw Jin Mi fall asleep. She had guessed that Jin Mi was a member of the holy medical clan. She wanted to take off her yarn, but didn’t want to be difficult for others, so she let Jin Mi sleep on her couch.

Liu Ying found that someone was performing blind eye surgery on the street, thinking which shadow it was and followed all the way. He followed the shadows into the mansion of King Gucheng and learned that King Gucheng was looking for the mortal Xufeng and the remnants of the Exterminating Spirit family. He was listening but was discovered by King Gucheng. Liuying took the opportunity to escape, but King Gucheng went down. The order was given, and Liu Yingzhuzhi was arrested throughout the entire process.

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