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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 19 Recap

Fairy Yuanji had just left the palace of the empress and was invited to the palace of the God of Fire to ask her what numerology she gave for Jin Mi, what kind of calamity she had, and what kind of mortals she would come into contact with. Xu Feng had too many questions, and the fairy under the moon hurriedly closed the field. Fairy Yuanji asked if he could have the fate of a lone star of Tiansha, and his identity was a monk who saw through the red dust.

After Xu Feng refused, he said that he was a man, but Xu Feng refused again. Fairy Yuanji heard that there was a holy doctor in the mortal world, who had strict rules and could not show his true face to men in his life, and Xu Feng agreed.

Fairy Yuanji chatted with the fairy under Moon. She didn’t dare to provoke Xufeng and Tianhou, so she came up with a strategy for both. She arranged for Jin Mi the most fierce and lonely life among the holy doctors, the queen was satisfied, and the god of fire was at ease. Immortal Moon under Moon is also ready to use his red rope to help Jin Mi and Xu Feng.

It doesn’t matter if Jinmi comforts the God of Water and the God of Wind. Although the God of Water also comforts itself, although the sufferings of the past are many, but if it can dissolve the heavens and strengthen the foundation, it may be a good thing. Runyu also said that he would go down to the earth to accompany Jinmi to experience the long life of the world.

This time, the Demon Realm had no intention of invading the Heaven Realm. Xu Feng remembered that today was the day when Jin Mi went down to earth, so she hurried back to Heaven to say goodbye to Jin Mi. Under the heavenly roulette, everyone came to see Jin Mi off, watching Jin Mi fall into the world. As soon as Xu Feng returned to the heavens, he heard his subordinates report that a black figure had entered the Zifang Cloud Palace.

He followed into the partial hall but heard that the queen wanted to kill Fairy Jin Mi in the world. Xu Feng heard that he hurried to Tianmen, but was stopped by the heavenly soldiers. Xu Feng was anxious, and when she saw that Jin Mi had already jumped into the mortal world, he jumped down, and Suihe jumped down as well. The fairy under Moon had to push Liaoyuan-jun down together and let him take care of Xufeng.

After Jin Mi was born in the world, he was abandoned by his biological parents. Fortunately, he was saved by the holy doctors and successfully lived in the holy doctors. The fairy of chance went to the world to check Jin Mi, and the Emperor suddenly appeared, indicating that the place she had selected for Jin Mi was indeed good, and asked her to check whether anyone around Jin Mi had interfered with her calamity.

With the passage of time, Jin Mi has grown into a slim girl and the saint of the holy medical clan. It’s just that she is born with bad luck, and everything is bad. Fortunately, she has a good friend with him, who was once a friend of the fairy world, Rourou, whose name is Qianghuo. Xu Feng has also become the King of Yi with great achievements, and will soon be engaged to Sui He.

On this day, Jin Mi was going to take Qianghuo to Luoye Mountain to pick a few missing medicinal materials, but because of Qianghuo’s impetuous words and deeds, her aunt asked her to stay in the clan to concoct medicine for herself. King Yi’s medicines and medicated meals are all taken care of by the holy doctors. If King Yi dies, Jin Mi will have to be buried, so Jin Mi hopes that Xu Feng will live a long life.

Yi Wang Xufeng went hunting, but did not let Qin Tong and other soldiers follow. Unexpectedly, encountering the ambush of the Liangguo people, Xu Feng led some people to break through the encirclement, and in the end only himself was left.

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