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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 18 Recap

When the heavenly soldier saw Jin Mi coming over to talk, she asked Jin Mi if she cared about Ye Shen marrying three wives and four concubines. Jin Mi said that it was Ye Shen’s business and she didn’t care. The Heaven Soldier was very happy to hear that, and asked Ye God what kind of girl he liked. It turned out that this heavenly soldier was transformed by Kuang Lu, just wanting to ask Jin Mi’s mind clearly.

Xufeng and Jin Mi came to find the fairy under the moon, and Suihe followed to find Xufeng. Seeing Jin Mi and Xu Feng together, Sui He deliberately brought up the marriage between Jin Mi and Runyu in front of Xu Feng, which made Xu Feng sad, and Xu Feng took the opportunity to order Sui He to leave as soon as possible. After Suihe left, Xufeng asked Jin Mi if she really wanted to marry Runyu.

Jin Mi thought this question was very strange, and she still didn’t understand why Xufeng used this expression every time she mentioned her marriage. Xu Feng wanted to say something but stopped, and then turned around. After walking a few steps, she suddenly had a sharp pain in her chest and vomited blood. Xufeng speculated that he was an old disease left behind by the poison of the plague needle. The fairy under Moon was anxious to take Xufeng to seek medical treatment, while Jin Mi said that he still had a spare Yeyouvine to treat the poison of plague needle.

Xu Feng pretended to be ill and kept making various unreasonable requests while Jin Mi was feeding the medicine. Jin Mi was in a hurry, so she threatened to feed him the last time, and Xu Feng took the initiative to kiss it. The whole night Xu Feng asked Jin Mi to plant Yeyou Vine five times before he fell asleep honestly, and the tired Jin Mi fell asleep beside him.

Jin Mi was playing with Nightmare, and the water god came to ask her where she had been last night. Jin Mi wanted to say it straight, but Runyu helped Jin Mi to conceal that she was going to the fairy tale under the moon to listen to an ecstasy. The water god frankly said that he wanted to cancel the marriage contract with the heavens, but only because he saw Runyu Jinmi in the heavens, and they were not willing to follow in the footsteps of Zifen, so they reluctantly agreed to come down, hoping that Jinmi could finally get married with his sweetheart.

The frontline military newspaper, in the northwest corner of the lower reaches of Wangchuan River, the West City Lord of the Demon World and the North City Lord competed for territory, and the war continued for months. Xu Feng proposed to deploy elite troops to the front line, stationed in the upper reaches of Wangchuan as a deterrent, and petitioned to lead troops to guard. The Emperor of Heaven ordered Xu Feng to immediately go to the Wufang Heavenly General’s Mansion and personally dispatch elite troops to go.

As soon as Jialanyin was resolved, Jin Mi’s cultivation base was rapid, and his spiritual power was greatly improved. The water god also asked the emperor to play Zhun Jin Mi Sheng Xian. Xu Feng was about to go to the battlefield, so he came to the flower world to find Jin Mi farewell. Seeing Jin Mi picking his own phoenix feathers, he felt a little uncomfortable. He claimed that it was nothing Jin Mi belonged to. When Jin Mi was about to reply, the God of Water came to interrupt them.

Jin Mi asked him to take care of his body, and he would make sweet-scented osmanthus stuffed to wait for him to triumph. The Water God originally planned to keep Xu Feng and Jin Mi a little apart, but thinking that Xu Feng was going to fight the Demon Realm, he didn’t say that he was afraid of disturbing Xu Feng’s mind.

Jin Mi devoted himself to practicing for a long time and finally ushered in the promotion ceremony, but the old gentleman suddenly interrupted the promotion process. The Taoist spirit went straight to the gods and the Taoist legal system was incompatible, and Wang Tiandi thought twice. Fairy Fate also reported that the heavens have fallen abnormally recently, and the creatures of the six realms of all races feared disaster.

The source is because Jinmi fairy is a destiny of the death of the soul, and the god is promoted to the gods or gods before being pure in cultivation. I am afraid that it will damage the gods of the six realms. Therefore, there is a warning of celestial signs. Only Jinmi Go down to the earth to rob the world for decades. For Jinmi’s immortal element and the gods of the heavens, the emperor ordered Jinmi to be promoted to immortal after three days.

The Queen asked the fairy Yuanji to meet and asked him what the most bitter catastrophe was. She wanted to give Jin Mi the most bitter fate among mortals. Fairy Yuanji was forced to agree and had no choice but to agree.

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