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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 16 Recap

Runyu showed Jin Mi a wedding post made by the Emperor of Heaven and the God of Water four thousand years ago. The names of the Emperor of Heaven, the God of Water and Runyu were all signed on the post. Only after Jin Mi, Run Yu asked Jin Mi to sign the name. Runyu praised Jinmi’s words, as if she had been instructed by a famous artist, while Jinmi said that she had been forced to practice for hundreds of years when she was a Xufeng Shuboy.

Runyu heard the promise to teach Jin Mi to run the Wei stele, and Jin Mi got big head when she heard the calligraphy. Seeing that Jin Mi liked the nightmare, Runyu gifted the nightmare to Jinmi to accompany him. He also said that the nightmare beast can be used as a mount for some time.

Jin Mi looked at the epiphany in Runyu’s courtyard for many days, still holding the pipa halfway, and did not want to bloom. Runyu told her a poignant legend. Ten thousand years ago, Epiphany fell in love with the god Wei Tianshang who watered and weeded every day. But she didn’t know that the god she admired was devoted to cultivating the Taoism. She had already cut off her emotions and desires. After waiting for thousands of years, Tan Hua could not wait for a look back.

Every midsummer night, Shangshen will go down the mountain to collect condensed dew sencha. The Essence of Epiphany is selected at this time to bloom its most beautiful moment, but Epiphany doesn’t know it. Shangshen has already earned a lot of money, and she has returned to heaven and earth. Sentimental.

Yanyou trespassed on the South Tianmen Gate and was discovered by the heavenly soldiers, but was fortunately rescued by the Rat Fairy. After the two escaped safely, the Mouse Fairy found that someone had been in his Jiazi Mansion. Fortunately, there was no sign of anyone turning over the Mansion. Yanyou complained that the mouse fairy had harmed himself miserably at the emperor’s birthday banquet. The mouse fairy is also Qi Yanyou shouldn’t save Jin Mi. Yanyou predicts that Runyu and Xufeng will face each other for Jinmi sooner or later, but Jinmi is his own best friend, and he can’t bear to involve Jinmi in this grudge.

The subordinates informed Xufeng that he had found traces of the snake fairy in Nantianmen. Xu Feng ordered someone to invite the Night God to help Pojun catch Yanyou alive. In order to make sure that nothing is wrong, he decided to go with him. Xufeng sent someone to give Jin Mi the gift and told Jin Mi that she was sorry for the delay tonight.

The mouse fairy found that the letters that Lord Dongting had written to the Water God had disappeared in his mansion, and it seemed that he had been exposed. The mouse fairy wants Yanyou to escape immediately, and he will definitely find a chance to escape.

After listening to it, he brought the rice dumplings to Xuanji Palace, but was stopped by Kuang Lu. The two quarreled about Jin Mi. After listening to the anger, Kuang Lu showed a clever tongue, they put down the zongzi and turned away. Jin Mi suddenly remembered the Xushi appointment with Xu Feng, and when he was about to rush away, he received a food box and news from Kuang Lu. Kwong Lu left the red string in the food box, and told Jin Mi that since he had an appointment with Runyu, it would be better to clean up the mundane affairs.

Xufeng discussed with Runyu about the arrest of the snake fairy. Runyu felt that Xufeng was wholeheartedly thinking about herself, and did not have any part in the marriage between Jin Mi and her. Xu Feng stated that one thing belongs to one thing, it is about Runyu’s innocence, and he will give Runyu an explanation. The subordinates told Snake Immortal to go in the direction of Xuanji Palace, Runyu couldn’t help but panic, Jin Mi remained in Xuanji Palace.

Jin Mi was eating Ling Zong, and hearing Yan You’s voice forced him to show his true shape. Yanyou told Jin Mi that Xufeng was chasing himself and ran here in a panic. Jin Mi was very anxious for his friend after hearing this, and hurriedly helped Yanyou come up with ideas. The two were thinking of a way, and Xu Feng hurriedly arrived.

As soon as Xufeng’s spiritual power brought Jin Mi to his side, the surrounding heavenly soldiers immediately surrounded Yanyou. Jin Mi saw a crowd of heavenly soldiers besieging Yanyou, and was very anxious, but the heavenly soldiers were not Yanyou’s opponents. Xufeng had to personally take the stage to subdue Yanyou, and Runyu also came to help, Yanyou quickly defeated. .

At the time of crisis, the mouse fairy rescued the field, and Runyu immediately recognized that this person was the man in black who had destroyed Xufeng’s Nirvana. He tried his best to push Yanyou away, but he was hit by Xufeng. Knowing that he could only find a way out when he stabbed at the Emperor of Heaven, he paid attention to the troop deployment of the Bird Race when he was playing chess with the Elder Yinque, and handed it over to Yanyou in advance and asked him to hand it over to the benefactor.

Xufeng and the others took the mouse fairy to the temple, and he confessed to all crimes. Tian Hou drove to ask who was instructed by the mouse fairy, and also took out the letter paper lost by the mouse fairy and presented it to the emperor. The Queen pressed on Rat Xian step by step, and also used the refining method to destroy the sun and ice, framed Runyu for a long time, and wanted to put Xufeng and death. The god of water was also invited to the temple by the emperor of heaven.

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