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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 14 Recap

The heroes still tried to conceal Jin Mi’s identity, but the God of Water explored Jin Mi Yuan Ling and learned that Jin Mi was his own flesh and blood. The God of Water blamed himself for not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father for four thousand years. After Jin Mi woke up, he was surprised to learn that the god of water was his biological father, and Zifen, the god of flower, was his biological mother. He thought it was in a dream. After listening to the explanations of Lord Changfang and God of Water, Jin Mi finally accepted this fact.

The water god asked Jin Mi where the fire spiritual power came from. Jin Mi explained that the emperor in the realm of emptiness mistakenly believed that he was his own flesh and blood crossing her. After hearing this, Haitang and Changfang were very angry. They two walked out of Jinmiyuan and rebuked the Emperor for being Jinmi’s mother-killing enemy. The God of Water was surprised when he heard the words of the two of them. He never knew the real cause of Zifen’s death.

Haitang decided to break his oath and tell the truth. It turned out that at that time, the flower god spent his entire life in order to give birth to Jin Mi. When the flower god closed his eyes, it was the night when the water god and the wind god got married. After hearing this, the water god blamed himself, but still did not understand why Zifen died.

Old Hu Zhi walked away from the two heroes and told the water god the truth of the year. At that time, the first flower god and the Emperor of Heaven, who was still the second majesty, had mutual affection, but the Emperor of Heaven married the princess of the bird race for power. The flower god was frustrated first, but fortunately, the water god had been taking care of the left and right, and only then did the flower god’s heart warm up and communicate with the water god.

Unexpectedly, he refused to change the position of God, and forcibly defiled the first flower god. At that time, the flower god didn’t know that he was pregnant with Jin Mi. Angrily, he came to Wangchuan River and wanted to drink the water, but was stopped by the Emperor of Heaven and locked up in Xiwu Palace. The emperor wanted to give marriage to the god of water and the god of wind, so that the god of flowers would die.

At that time, the emperor was afraid that the Flower God would threaten her position, and forced the Flower God to come down to Lin Yuantai, severely hurting the Flower God. First, the flower god deliberately drove away the water god in order not to hurt the water god. Knowing that she was dead soon, she used her last spiritual power to give birth to Jin Mi.

Runyu heard Jin Mi’s life experience clearly and was very happy in her heart. According to the agreement four thousand years ago, Jin Mi is his undocumented wife. Runyu was worried that the god of water would not agree to this marriage, and even more worried that Xufeng would like Jinmi too, and that his marriage would hurt Xufeng. After weighing it over and over, he decided to owe Xu Feng this time and pay him back thousands of times in the future.

The emperor called the Lord Changfang and asked her if Jin Mi was his own child. Lord Chang Fang did not admit that Jin Mi was his blood. The Emperor of Heaven knew that he was sorry Zi Fen, and was always looking for opportunities to make up for the flower world. Lord Changfang begs the emperor to think about the love of the past and don’t put Jin Mi in distress in the heavens. The emperor promised that he had not changed his original intention and that one day he would recognize Jin Mi.

Jin Mi went to worship the first flower god. For this mother who had never met, Jin Mi had a lot of complaints, as well as a lot of reluctance and attachment. Since she was a child, she has envied friends with mothers, and now she finally has mothers too.

The water god asked Changfang Lord, why Jin Mi had another restriction besides the Jialan Seal. Chang Fang only answered that Jin Mi had a 10,000-year love tribulation, and did not tell the situation of the meteor pill.

The water god took Jinmi to see the emperor. Runyu created the false impression that he was in love with Jinmi. He also appealed to the water god, saying that he could no longer marry the water god’s eldest daughter. Jin Mi on the side could not understand this, and did not speak up.

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