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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 13 Recap

Runyu said that he also likes Jinmi. Xufeng listened to it with mixed feelings. He couldn’t help asking Runyu to know Jinmi’s true identity. It was known that Jinmi’s nature was water and the three were half-brothers and sisters. After listening to it for a while, Runyu felt it was okay. Knowing that Jin Mi had no intentions of men or women, he asked Jin Mi about his attitude towards the people around him. After Jin Mi liked it one by one, Chang Fangzhu relaxed, and blamed Jin Mi for being heartless.

Jin Mi was brought back to the flower world by the Lord Changfang, and all the heroes saw that Jin Mi had appeared in real form, for fear that they could not hide Jin Mi’s life experience. In fact, Jin Mi was not the daughter of the Emperor of Heaven. Since Xu Feng had already misunderstood, they would be wrong, leaving him completely dead. The three decided to take turns to watch the night and stay in the courtyard to guard Jin Mi until she passed the tribulation of ten thousand years.

In the dream, Jin Mi was brought into a realm of illusion by the Emperor of Heaven and told her about the scene where he first saw the God of Flower 90,000 years ago. Zi Fen walks on the water, grows lotus every step, and the fairy posture makes the emperor fascinated. Since her passing, the heaven has never seen this scene again. The Emperor said with emotion that Jin Mi and Xian Hua Shen are really similar, but very different.

The Emperor of Heaven heard that Jin Mi trusted hand-planted flowers, and asked her to plant some green lotus in this illusion. Jin Mi thought that Emperor Tian was really her father, and agreed to do her filial piety. The first emperor thought that Zi Fen was negative and refused to meet even the blood. Jin Mi was surprised when he heard it. First, the flower god is the petal lotus and he is the grape essence. How can it be related? She attributed this to what she thought in her dream, and no longer thought about her life experience.

Jin Mi deliberately said in front of the emperor that she had insufficient spiritual power. The emperor thought that the flower god first imposed a forbidden technique on her, so he taught her some mental methods, and asked her to practice for seven, seven forty-nine days to reveal her true body. The Emperor of Heaven gave Jin Mi five thousand years of spiritual power, which made Jin Mi very happy. At the time of parting, the Emperor Qian Qiang urged Jin Mi not to have sex with Runyu and Xufeng.

Xu Feng sent Jin Mi back to the Flower World before returning to apologize to the Empress. The Empress wondered why her son would bump into herself for a demon who was not listed in the fairy world. The empress was afraid that Xu Feng would have feelings for Jin Mi, and asked Xu Feng to swear that she would never see Jin Mi again so that she would forgive Jin Mi’s guilt. Xu Feng promised this to the empress, and fled the palace as soon as possible under the pretext that he needed to train soldiers.

Runyu is going to the Flower World to find Jin Mi, for fear that the incident of him taking Jin Mi to the Mortal World will affect her. Runyu and Kuang Lu suddenly heard a movement at Nantianmen, and hurriedly hid. When the two learned that the Queen of Heaven had gone to the Flower World, they went their separate ways. Runyu went to the emperor for help, and Kuang Lu followed to the flower world.

Jin Mi apologized in front of the Tomb of the Flower God, but she didn’t expect the Queen to appear and wanted to hurt Jin Mi. At a critical moment, the water god appeared to rescue Jin Mi, and the two were at a deadlock when Runyu relieved the siege, and called the emperor back to the Tiangong to discuss with the emperor on the grounds that he would reward Zhuxian after his birthday and amnesty the world. Seeing that there were so many people protecting Jin Mi, the empress left angrily.

The water god found that Jin Mi could summon Yanyou, so he asked her if she could summon water. Yanyou asked her to try, but Jin Mi was really successful in summoning. The water god looked at Jin Mi and did not speak, but there was a smile on his face.

Jin Mi fainted due to water summoning and wasting too much spiritual power. After a few people placed Jin Mi, the master Haitang found that there was a masculine energy in Jin Mi that clashed with her. In the end, it was Luo Lin who took the shot to bring that spiritual power. Calm down. Luo Lin now confirmed that Jin Mi was his daughter, and these words happened to be heard by Runyu who had returned from the heaven.

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