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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 12 Recap

Today is the birthday feast of the empress, but Runyu is not in a hurry to go. He explained to Jin Mi that he was not the divine queen’s biological child, and that his biological mother was just a Taoist elf, but she had already passed away and was adopted by the emperor. He felt that his relationship with the emperor and empress was very harmonious in his early years.

It was only after the birth of Xufeng that the emperor and the empress were for the throne of his son. Jin Mi felt that even though the appearance of Runyu would make the empress even more angry, he had done his best. Runyu felt that it made sense, so he decided to attend the birthday banquet.

As soon as Runyu arrived at Nantianmen, Kuang Lu appeared. She took out a crystal bottle to use as a container for collecting dew for her Royal Highness in the future. Runyu praised the things in Taisi Real Man’s Mansion as excellent, and Kuang Lu knew that Runyu had learned his origin. She asked Runyu if he would present the morning dew collected in recent years to the Queen of Heaven as a birthday gift, but Runyu did not answer her.

Jin Mi was bored in the mansion alone, but Yanyou suddenly appeared. Yanyou tells Jin Mi that today is the Queen’s birthday, and uses a longevity peach to lure her to go with her. Jin Mi and Yanyou were stopped by heavenly soldiers at Nantianmen to search for Cambodia. Yanyou took off Jin Mi’s phoenix hairpin on her hair bun, and when the heavenly soldiers saw that they had the Vulcan belongings, they respectfully invited them in.

After the two took their seats at the birthday banquet, Yanyou introduced various gods to Jin Mi. The gods of wind and water also came to congratulate them. Jin Mi feels cordial when looking at the water god, but Yanyou commented that the water god is too lonely.

Jin Mi sat by and said that the empress’s birthday banquet was so ostentatious because it wanted to end Xu Feng’s marriage. Jin Mi learned that Xu Feng needed Naxian to marry a wife, but he felt pain for some reason. Yanyou tells Jin Mi Xufeng that although Xufeng is the prince, he can’t help but get married.

The Emperor and Queen both appeared at the banquet, and for a moment everyone looked at them, and everyone bowed to her for birthday. Runyu prayed to the empress for birthday alone at the birthday banquet. When the queen saw him wearing a cane to make a hairpin, she asked about its origin. Runyu said that this hairpin was a gift from a friend. Although it is not more expensive than other hairpins, he cherishes it very much. Xu Feng saw that this hairpin was owned by Jin Mi, and felt overwhelmed.

Jin Mi yelled in shock when he saw a mouse lying on his body. The empress discovered that Jin Mi was using illusion techniques to cover her real body, so she used spiritual power to lock Jin Mi so that she could reveal her real body. The fairy under Moon arrived in time, and after unlocking the immortal lock on Jin Mi, lied that Jin Mi was a person who grew up in Qiwu Palace.

The Emperor of Heaven and the God of Water kept asking about Jin Mi’s origins and learned that she was the person of the Water Mirror in the Flower World. During the period when the two were shaking the gods, the fairy under the moon reconciled the atmosphere, and this skipped the stage of interrogating Jin Mi.

In order to divert the Queen’s attention, the Emperor of Heaven asked Suihe to present her with a neon dance. The Queen was overjoyed and placed her at Xufeng’s table. Xufeng and Suihe sat on their knees, and Li Ying became a pair. The empress watched the two whispering each other, and praised the two for being like a scene in their own partial palace painting, named Zhulianbihe. After Jin Mi heard this, he suddenly remembered that he had also seen this painting in the Heavenly Fragrance Picture of the Immortal under Moon, and guessed that Sui He had cultivated with Xu Feng. Suihe was annoyed by these remarks.

She rebuked Jin Mi for nonsense, but Jin Mi did not understand the true meaning of this spiritual practice, and she also proposed to ask Sui He for advice. The empress was furious, and ordered Lord Lei and Dianmu to drag Jin Mi out and punish him. Xu Feng hurriedly got up to intercede for Jin Mi, but the attack of the empress rushed towards Jin Mi, and Jin Mi was instantly protected by Feng Ling’s neon clothes.

Xufeng and Runyu knelt on the temple and begged the mother god for mercy. Seeing that the situation was tense, Yanyou immediately took Jin Mi and left. The Queen asked Lei Gong and Dianmu to capture them back, and Xu Feng and Runyu hurriedly followed up. Yanyou knew that only Xufeng could keep Jin Mi, so she entrusted Jin Mi to him and left by herself.

Jin Mi was afraid that Xu Feng would take him back to the heavens to question him. Xu Feng blamed Jin Mi for failing to understand his intentions. Knowing that he couldn’t face the friendship in his heart, he promised to send Jin Mi back to the flower world, and he would never know him again. see. When Jin Mi heard Xu Feng’s words, her heart began to hurt again.

Runyu, Lord Changfang, and Lord Haitang have also arrived. After the arrival of Father and Daughter Lei, he hoped that Xufeng would let them take Jinmi back for business, while Xufeng hoped that they would remember who they are serving and who should follow their orders. , Lei Gong and Dianmu took the order and left. Runyu took the initiative to take the responsibility of bringing Jinmi out of the water mirror, and was receiving the admonition from the two masters, but Jinmi took the word and said Runyu is a good person and likes him.

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