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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 10 Recap

Suihe guessed that Xufeng was seriously injured in the Demon Realm. There was another secret. The empress suspected that Runyu and the people of the Demon Realm secretly communicated the song, so Suihe quickly found out. Sui He tried to buy Kwong Lu, who had just enlisted in Xuanji’s palace, as her eyeliner, and asked her to report any unruly intentions of Runyu in time.

After Kuang Lu returned to the Temple of Night God, he told Runyu about the incident. Runyu was impressed by the loyalty of this fairy soldier. Kuang Lu only asked Runyu to trust her like a nightmare.

Jin Mi was trapped in the enchantment of Lord Changfang and couldn’t get out. Runyu descended from the sky to give him a surprise. He used illusion techniques to conjure meteors to relieve Jin Mi’s boredom. Jin Mi said that he wanted to see the scene outside the water mirror and begged Runyu to take him out. Runyu agreed to her request and took her to her palace.

When the King of Gucheng saw that the Emperor had taken Qiongqi away, he didn’t move. It’s like the battle between heaven and demons ten thousand years ago, how could he ascend the throne of God so smoothly without himself. Now that the Demon World has lost the bargaining chip of Qiongqi, he is not so anxious, ready to continue to wait for the opportunity.

Suihe reported the inquiries to Tian Hou again, pointing out that Xufeng’s injury was probably related to Jin Mi. When Xu Feng was injured in the Devildom, Jin Mi was always with him. After Xu Feng was injured, Jin Mi also found Ye Youteng to save her life. The Queen became suspicious of Jin Mi’s identity, so she ordered Qi Yuan to investigate the flower world. Qi Yuan found in the flower world the double barrier set up by Lord Changfang for Jin Mi.

He didn’t dare to act rashly and went back to the Heavenly Palace to return to life. Tin Hau also found something strange, and went to the flower world to find out the reason. She wanted to see her on the ground of thanking Jin Mi, but the Lord Changfang thought that Jin Mi was facing the wall and refused. Lord Changfang’s desire to cover up further deepened the Queen’s suspicion. She broke through the barrier and entered the Jin Mi courtyard. When she was about to break in, Lord Chang Fang also rushed over. The two rushed into the house but found that Jin Mi was missing.

Jin Mi is still worried about Xu Feng’s injury and wants to visit him in Qiwu Palace in person. Runyu was afraid that Jin Mi’s appearance would be too eye-catching, and advised her to go back later. Runyu took the gloomy Jin Mi to Tianhe. Jin Mi admired the countless shattered stars, gathered in the sky, but felt that the beauty was a bit lonely, silent and quiet. She thought about how busy Maori Xingjun was in the daytime, and Runyu’s errands were a bit deserted. Runyu sighed that he was a numerology of ten thousand years of loneliness, and had long been used to loneliness.

Jin Mi gave Runyu a seed of Epiphany to comfort Runyu, which only blooms at night, so that he can accompany Runyu. Runyu was very happy to receive the gift, and they agreed to watch the flowers together. Kwong Lu came to report at this time, saying that Lord Changfang had led people into the heavens. Jin Mi was panicked when she heard that, Runyu suggested that she flee to the mortal world, where things are mixed and mixed, which can cover her well. Breath.

Runyu bought a clean mansion for Jin Mi to hide, and also changed her name to Lingguang, and put on men’s clothing. Jin Mi was like a handsome son. The local land immortals also rushed to smell the celestial spirit to get a glimpse of the demeanor of immortals. Jin Mi ran into Yanyou while wandering, and her friends met for a while, and learned that Jin Mi escaped from the water mirror with the help of Runyu. Yanyou’s eyes started to look different when she saw Jin Mi.

The Emperor of Heaven came to Luolin’s mansion as a guest, and he and Luo Lin recalled Zi Fen’s smile, but Luo Lin didn’t want to talk more. The Emperor of Heaven reminded him that the Queen of Heaven was suspicious and asked him and Fengshen to attend the birthday of Queen of Heaven so as not to cause criticism. Luo Lin agreed after weighing it.

Lord Changfang rushed to Qiwu Palace to ask Xufeng for someone, and Xufeng bluntly said that he did not know this, and Jin Mi was really not in the palace. When the stalemate was at a stalemate, the Queen came to reprimand Huajie for not knowing etiquette, and Xu Feng promised that she would find Jin Mi.

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