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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 8 Recap

King Yancheng saw the severely injured son in grief and angrily scolded Xu Feng. Xufeng argued that the reason why the first son was in a coma was because he had taken Taishang Laojun’s Guyuan Jindan. After sleeping for three days and three nights, his vitality recovered and he would wake up. The king of Yancheng took this argument as Xufeng shirking responsibility. King Biancheng also defended Xufeng, believing that King Yancheng should investigate the guilt of those who illicitly confided the poor. King Biancheng found out that on the day that Qiongqi fled, the guards of the Soul Suppression Hall had been shifted by no one.

During the change of sentry, there was half an hour left unattended in the hall, and the Soul Suppression Cauldron was still dragged. The Demon Clan did not have the ability to shrink the Yuhun Cauldron, so King Bian Cheng concluded that the disaster was a high-ranking person of the Demon Clan, who had deliberately acted to provoke a dispute between the six realms.

King Yancheng heard these analyses and determined that it was King Gucheng, and when the two met in private, he gave him a palm. King Gucheng admitted frankly that he did not want to be suppressed by the heavens everywhere, and did not want to act in the color of God anymore. He let go of Qiongqi to repay Wangchuan’s revenge, and to explore the reality of the heavens. He analyzed that although Xu Feng had great magical powers, he could hardly support the lonely tree. As long as he tried to get rid of him, the heavens would not be afraid. The king of Yancheng was moved by the rhetoric, and decided to plan for a long time.

Xufeng didn’t want to take medicine, so Jin Mi had to cast Lingzhi to replenish his body. Xufeng felt sorry for Jin Mi’s hard work, and she resisted and drank the medicine. Xu Feng praised Jin Mi for her great contribution to recovering the poor, and she wanted to spend her thousand years of spiritual power as a reward. Jin Mi happily hugged Xufeng, saying that the fairy under the moon taught herself to repay her kindness by “hugging kindness”, and that a hug is the kindness.

In the house, Jin Mi suddenly heard the sound of his friend Furou who died 900 years ago. Following the reputation, the sound was transmitted from the Yuhun Cauldron. Jin Mi unconsciously unconsciously opened the cauldron weapon, and unconsciously released the seal for the real friend who appeared in the cauldron. At the critical moment, Xu Feng appeared, and a red light in his palm rose into the wind and surrounded the “flesh”.

In an instant, the friend who had just turned into a vicious face, was sealed by Xu Feng again after a few moves. Suddenly there was a little blood on the palm of Xufeng’s palm, which was mottled vertically and horizontally. Xufeng guessed that he had been hit by Qiongqi’s plague needle. Before fainting, he remembered what the fairy under Moon had said to himself. Hit the point of life.

The plague needle is the world’s most poisonous, and it will lose all spiritual energy in three days. It was rumored that the sacred grass night vine in the Jingquan of the Flower World could cure this poison, so Jin Mi immediately left for the Flower World.

Jin Mi came to the flower world and discussed with Lao Hu for the method of Yeyou Vine from the Lord Changfang. Seeing that Lao Hu was helpless, he decided to go to the Baihua Palace to steal one with Liuying. In the Chuying Pavilion, when Jin Mi was turning over the cabinets, she was discovered by Lord Changfang. The Lord Changfang imprisoned Jin Mi in anger and tied Liuying and threw it out.

Lao Hu suggested that Jin Mi use Lingquan water to plant Yeyou Vine. Jin Mi followed the drawing of Lao Hu and tried many times without success. Just when she was frustrated, her hand was accidentally pierced, the red string was stained with Jin Mi’s blood, and Ye Youteng successfully transformed.

Jin Mi found Xu Feng to grind Yeyou Teng into juice and feed him, Xu Feng quickly recovered. Xufeng woke up and took Jin Mi’s hand, and Changfang saw that Jin Mi and Xu Feng were frivolous in their words and deeds and scolded Xu Feng. Xufeng expressed his thoughts to the Lord Changfang that Jin Mi is indeed the one he cares for.

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