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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 9 Recap

Xufeng expressed his thoughts to the Lord Changfang that Jin Mi is indeed the one he cares for. The Lord Changfang clearly rejected Xu Feng’s intentions and warned him not to come to the Flower World again, and then disappeared into the water mirror with Jin Mi.

The Lord Changfang took Jin Mi to the mound of the Flower God and asked her to answer her questions to the Flower God. Lord Changfang learned that many people had seen Jin Mi’s true face, and was worried that her life experience would be exposed. After learning that Jin Mi did not have sex with Xu Feng, he was slightly relieved. Changfang’s chief Jin Mi swears in front of the first flower god mound that he will never have any ties with the heavens. After hearing Jin Mi swear, he will leave without worry. She told Lao Hu of her worries, and Lao Hu advised Lord Fang that since Jin Mi had taken Meteo Pill, she would naturally not have sex between men and women.

Xu Feng soon came to the flower world again, and Chang Fangzhu and his party were still harsh on him. Xufeng expresses his admiration for Jin Mi to Chang Fangzhu, and wants to see Jin Mi. All Fangzhu advised Xufeng not to be fooled by the skin. Xufeng confessed that she did not adore Jinmi’s skin, but liked her temperament, which had nothing to do with her appearance. The Lord Fang was still unmoved when he heard these words from the bottom of his heart. He pointed out that the reason for his opposition was related to the heavens.

This reminded Xu Feng that when he was a child, the Heavenly Emperor often stared in a daze at a woman who looked like the God of Flower, and misunderstood the God of Flower. The relationship with the Emperor of Heaven, turned his head sadly and left. Seeing Xu Feng was leaving, Jin Mi stopped him and wanted to ask for that thousand-year spiritual power. She kept calling Xu Feng’s name, but Xu Feng didn’t seem to hear it. Xufeng felt that Jin Mi was nearby, and knew that she had been blindfolded before she could meet. Xu Feng was heartbroken, thinking of the phoenix flower that Jin Mi had planted for herself, and felt that perhaps today is the moment of fate.

Jin Mi didn’t hear a word of Xu Feng’s words, but the meteor pill in her body had an effect, causing her heart to beat and fainted. In the dream, Jin Mi entered an icy land of nothingness. A woman named Shuanghua told Jin Mi that she liked someone and wanted Jin Mi to let her go out. Jin Mi tried to rescue the man by casting a spell, but he didn’t succeed in the end.

Xufeng returned to the heavens, and together with Runyu, he handed Qiongqi into the hands of the emperor. After hearing that the flower world had taken sacred objects to treat Xufeng’s illness, the emperor expressed his feelings about the generosity of the flower world. Xu Feng asked about the grievances between the heaven and the flower world, and the Emperor of Heaven stopped him with a few words.

As soon as Xu Feng returned to the Fire God Temple, Suihe rushed over. Suihe felt very uncomfortable when he saw Liuying and Xufeng claiming brothers and sisters. The fairy under the moon also came to greet after learning that Xufeng had returned. The fairy under the moon was very fond of this outspoken Liuying and invited her to the Marriage Hall to play and gave her a red thread.

After Tianhou learned that Xufeng was injured, he hurried over to check, and immediately locked the suspicion on Runyu. Xu Feng said that he had the support of the Flower World this time, and asked about the origin of the portrait of the god Xianhua in the palace of his mother and father.

The queen became angry when she heard the god of flowers first, and talked to Xu Feng about the humiliating past. The Emperor wanted to dethrone her as a queen. Fortunately, she saved herself in time, otherwise it would be impossible to have today. Xu Feng thought that Jin Mi was also the father’s child, so she was heartbroken.

Runyu was about to go to Shengjing Pavilion to pick up some books, when he encountered the emperor’s worries about the strange things. The man behind Runyu’s analysis should have done so to disrupt the balance of the six realms, and is the common enemy of the six realms. After listening to Runyu’s analysis, the emperor fell into deep thought. He had the ambition to unify the six realms, so he decided to raise his life.

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