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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 7 Recap

Runyu and Xufeng were drinking together, and Liu Ying found them. Princess Biancheng bows horses skillfully, so she started with Xufeng for advice without saying a word. Xu Fengjian was not out of the sheath, which made Liuying feel humiliated. The Chi Xiao Sword in Xu Feng’s hand was extremely powerful, and it was cast and sealed by the great gods of the Shang Qing Tian. If Xu Feng draws his sword, the Mozu princess is very vulnerable to injury. Once the sword’s edge touches the skin, it will be wiped out. Xufeng also regarded Liuying as a friend, so she didn’t draw her sword.

The three discussed the matter of capturing Qiongqi, and the truth about Qiongqi’s escape from the seal, Liuying was also a little surprised. Xuanling Doumu Yuanjun’s Yuhun Cauldron was an ancient artifact, and it was impossible to escape with Qiongqi’s power alone. The three suspected that someone from the Demon Race helped Qiongqi escape. Jin Mi practiced spells in the courtyard. Seeing Xufeng coming, she wanted to learn some unique secrets. Xu Feng asked him how he recites the Sushou Jue, the Heart Sutra, and Brahma Mantra that he taught him a few days ago. Jin Mi was dumb when asked.

He was speechless, and was accused by Xu Feng of not humiliating the door of the Wuxi Palace. Jin Mi asked Xu Fengchun who the fairy was in his dream, and Xu Feng lied that there was no such one. However, Jin Mi said that she saw the appearance of the fairy, very similar to herself, as long as she inquired for herself, she would know who the fairy was. Xu Feng was forced to admit to Jin Mi that the fairy was Jin Mi himself. Xufeng also frightened Jin Mi, saying that she was really a bird and loved to eat fruit. It was not a spring dream, but she used Jin Mi as food in her dream.

Liuying found the trail of Qiongqi. The three of them left Jinmi in the inn and set up an enchantment, and then went to the foothills of Chibeng Mountain together. Qiongqi’s blood is highly poisonous, and any object will corrode and blacken like charred. They found the cave where Qiongqi hid his body, but they did not know how to deal with Qiongqi’s body. After Qiongqi died, his flesh and blood would turn into venom, and his radius would turn into scorched earth. In order to avoid being overwhelmed, the three decided to use Yancheng King to use the Falling Demon Pestle to get rid of the poor and strange demon nature, and then put them in the Yuhun Cauldron.

Runyu and Xufeng came to Yancheng King’s Hall to borrow the Falling Demon Pestle, but Demon Lord did not want to lend. Xufeng bluntly said that the six worlds will be charcoal in the future and trace the root to the devil world. King Yancheng may not be able to explain. Xufeng persuaded him to make up for the situation, not to worry about himself. Wang Silai of Yancheng wanted to go and had to cut love and borrow the Devil’s Pestle, and sent his two sons and Xufeng to go together.

Qiongqi is cunning and suspicious, and several people discuss ways to lead Qiongqi out. Runyu mentioned that Qiongqi likes to eat Ganoderma lucidum, and Jin Mi immediately came to ask for help. Jin Mi planted Ganoderma lucidum in the foothills of Chibian Mountain to attract Qiongqi out of the cave. When the two elders saw Jin Mi’s spells, they were envious and joked that they sold Jin Mi for spiritual power. Xu Feng listened harshly and lost his temper at them, but Runyu stopped him. The Lingzhi really caused Qiongqi to come out. Runyu wanted to take Jinmi and Liuying to ambush together, but Jinmi was afraid that he could not catch Qiongqi and stayed in place to continue casting the spell.

Just as Qiongqi came out of the cave, the two elder sons showed up with the meteor pestle in order to invite credit. Qiongqi injured two impotence sons. Liuying, Xufeng, and Runyu immediately showed up to help. Jin Mi found that the Meteorite Pestle had fallen, and hurried to pick it up. With a palm of Qiong Qi, Jin Mi sprinkled a handful of cactus thorns mixed with pollen and lost his sight. After the three of them worked together to restrain Qiongqi, Jin Mi finally eliminated Qiongqi’s demon nature with the meteor pestle.

Xu Feng sealed it with the Jiuyao True Fire and the Yuhun Cauldron, and prepared to let the Emperor of Heaven execute the torture of Qiongqi in ashes. Both Runyu and Xufeng suspected that it was the same person in the Demon Realm, and they were going to continue the investigation.

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