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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 6 Recap

Qiongqi broke through the Nantian Gate to fight against Xufeng. The fierce beast suddenly turned his head and attacked Jinmi. Xufeng was slapped in order to protect Jinmi. Fortunately, the Emperor rushed to him at a critical moment. Qiongqi was seriously injured and immediately fled. .

Qiongqi had poisoned the six realms nine hundred years ago, and it took a long time for the heavens to seal them, but he did not know why he reappeared in the heavens. Xufeng believes that the retreat of King Yancheng of the Demon Realm must have something to do with the emergence of Qiongqi. He asked the Demon Realm to capture Qiongqi and explore the reality of the Demon Realm. The Emperor of Heaven gifted Xufeng the Chixiao Sword, and ordered him to cast down demons and eliminate demons, capture Qiongqi, and find out the truth about Qiongqi’s return.

In Qiwu Palace, Xu Feng learned that Jin Mi was the elf who had been searching for the flower world for a long time, and he was about to return to the flower world with Lao Hu today, and was a little lost. Jin Mi said that she wanted to bring some mantras back to continue her enlightenment. Xu Feng was pleased that she was devoted to learning, and agreed that she would pick some scrolls in the Jingjing Pavilion. In the Provincial Economic Pavilion, Jin Mi thanked Xu Feng for his life-saving grace. As he said, Xu Feng suddenly vomited blood. It turned out that Xu Feng was injured by Qiongqi, and he needed to adjust his breath for twelve weeks.

After Xufeng was recuperating, Jin Mi was afraid that he was using the fairy method to hold on, and took off Xufeng’s clothes to check whether his injury was cured. There are many scars on Xu Feng’s back, which are evidences left over from various battles. Xu Feng saw that Jin Mi was totally indifferent between men and women. He pulled his clothes at will and taught her not to pull the clothes of others except herself. Jin Mi thought of the miraculous effects of Qingshuang Lingzhi from the flower world, so she wanted to give Xufeng a plant.

Qingshuang Lingzhi is a rare sacred product in the flower world. Xufeng promised that if Jinmi could grow her three hundred years of spiritual power, Jinmi could easily grow it. This made Xu Feng aggravate the doubts about Jin Mi’s identity, and asked Jin Mi why a flower world spirit could grow such a holy product. Jin Mi was afraid that Xufeng would break his promise, so he bit down the Ganoderma lucidum, mouth-to-mouth feed. Jin Mi, who had eaten the meteor pill, didn’t feel anything about this kiss, but it made Xu Feng confused.

Jin Mi decided to go to the Demon Realm with Xu Feng to capture Qiong Qi, so he turned his body into the sleeve of Xu Feng’s brocade robe. After Xufeng flew for a long time, he set foot on a boat. The boatman reminded Xufeng to hold the boat steady by the fairy in his sleeve. Seeing that it was seen through, Jin Mi had to slide out of the sleeve and transform into a human form. She pretended that she slept in the wrong place. , Turned around awkwardly.

The boatman chatted with the two and said that a woman as beautiful as Jin Mi had been here 20,000 years ago. When the woman was about to drink the water of Wang Chuan, a man rushed to her, and they both disappeared after a dispute. After speaking to the other side, Xu Feng used illusion skills to change the appearance of the two, and ordered Jin Mi to be his personal maid in the devil world, to serve him at any time.

Jin Mi wandered on the streets of the Demon Realm and wanted to buy a decoration like the ears of a jade rabbit in the Guanghan Palace. The little demon said that he needed to exchange his spiritual power, and Runyu suddenly appeared to pay for Jin Mi. Xu Feng in the distance was cold when she saw it, and took out more spiritual power and handed it to the little demon. After Xufeng talked with Runyu, Jin Mi learned that it turned out that Runyu was not a fish officer, but Xufeng’s brother, the true dragon night god.

Jin Mi went downstairs and saw Runyu’s small deer. She took out some grass to feed the small deer. Runyu appeared to explain to Jin Mi that this nightmare only eats dreams and does not eat grass. Just release it in the night, and it will find a nightmare to eat it. While talking, the nightmare beast suddenly vomited out the dream that he had eaten.

Runyu explained that the nightmare beast’s food dreams are divided into blue dreams and yellow dreams. After Runyu finished speaking, he went to eat. Liu Jinmi continued to play with it. Nightmare spit out a yellow dream ball again, and saw Xufeng kissing a fairy, and the fairy in the dream looked exactly like himself. When Jin Mi was fascinated by it, the dream ball was swiped by the female general of the devil, Liu Ying, with a whip.

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