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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 5 Recap

Jin Mi handed the letterhead to Xu Feng as usual, but Xu Feng returned the silk paper back. It turned out that this love letter was written to Jin Mi. As Jin Mi was admiring it, Fairy Feixu came to report that someone was looking for her outside the door, and that the person was the Yuebo Star Envoy who had seen her in the Marriage Mansion.

The Star Envoy kissed Jin Mi and ran away shyly. The Dragon Boat Festival in the fairy world is coming, Jin Mi stole a whole bag of fairy rice dumplings, ready to replenish spiritual power. However, after eating 20 rice dumplings, they were all small rice dumplings with only one year of spiritual power. Jin Mi was angry and complained about the injustice of heaven.

Jin Mi heard the fairy waiter and said that Xu Feng had also taken a fairy dumpling and had not eaten it, so he rushed to Xichen Hall to steal the dumpling. Xu Feng called Jin Mi to use the newly learned illusion technique to help herself heat the rice dumplings. Jin Mi said that it was unpalatable in order to be able to eat the Ling Zong. Unexpectedly, Jin Mi’s description made Xu Feng interested and prepared to taste it. Jin Mi hurriedly promised to make flower cakes for Xufeng, and finally took out the Ling Zong.

This Ling Zong is indeed the King Zong with 500 years of spiritual power. Jin Mi seems to be full of strength after eating. Knowing that Xu Feng does not like flower cakes, he turns a dead tree in his courtyard into a red jacaranda tree. As a thank you gift. Xufeng said that she didn’t like it, and she was really happy in her heart.

On the second day, Jiu Yao Xing Gong Jidu came to visit Xufeng, Xingjun heard that Yuebo Star Envoy was frivolous, so he came to propose marriage to Jin Mi, and wanted Jin Mi to marry Yuebo Star Envoy today. Xu Feng was helpless, so she stretched out her hand to pull out the lock pin on Jin Mi’s head, her long hair rushed down, and instantly turned into a daughter. Everyone was stunned by Jin Mi’s appearance, and Ji Du had to say “More Offended,” he ran away.

Immortal Yuexia also heard about Jin Mi’s daughter’s body, and prepared a lot of good clothes for her as gifts. Although Jin Mi didn’t like it, she didn’t want to refute him, so she changed into the red clothes he prepared. Jin Mi, who had changed his clothes, made the fairy under Moon seem to see the appearance of the first flower god Zifen.

Xu Feng saw the exquisite Jin Mi with bright eyes and white teeth, and was surprised at her change. Suihe on the side accused Jin Mi of being ostentatious. Unexpectedly, Jin Mi didn’t understand her criticism at all, so he went on talking with him. Jin Mi’s transformation caused the bookboys in the palace to sprout Chunxin. Xu Feng persuaded Jin Mi to bring the Ling Ling hairpin. Jin Mi thought it was his handsome boyhood, which made Xu Feng’s self-esteem a blow, and promised to pay attention to it in the future. .

Xufeng invited Jin Mi to the Marriage Mansion to listen to the play, and Jin Mi bluntly said that he did not want Xufeng to go to a place where there were many fairy aunts. Xu Feng was secretly happy, thinking that Jin Mi liked herself, but she didn’t know that this was because Jin Mi wanted to please him and let him give him some spiritual power. Xu Feng took Jin Mi to see the fierce beast he had shot and killed the Six Realms, thinking that Jin Mi would admire him even more in this way, but Jin Mi mistakenly thought he wanted to kill a chicken to show to the monkey.

The immortals under Yuexia have been thinner recently. It was because the bird tribe had their rations cut off by the flower world, making the chickens on offer a bit smaller than the doves. The two were talking when they suddenly saw a group of orange shadows appearing. It was the old Hu from the flower world who had been driven out by the Lord Changfang and had to come to take refuge in the fairy under the moon.

Jin Mi was only recognized by Lao Hu when she reported her name. It turned out that Lao Hu was kicked out because she was not able to take care of Jin Mi. Old Hu wants to bring Jinmi back to the flower world, but the fairy under Yuexia is reluctant to let Jinmi go back, for fear of something tricky. The three were discussing at the Nantian Gate, but saw the monster Qiongqi suddenly appearing, Jin Mi wanted to avenge his friend, and immediately rushed up. Runyu appeared during the crisis to protect Jin Mi. Xu Feng came later and shot an arrow at Qiongqi.

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