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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 4 Recap

Since Jin Mi learned that this jackdaw is actually a phoenix in the heavens, he has tried every means to get more spirit pills from him. The fairy under Moon gave Jin Mi a weapon, but Xu Feng refused whether it was flattering or threatening to save his life. The immortal had to resort to the ultimate tactic—”weak take”. This trick worked as expected, and Xu Feng finally agreed to teach Jin Mi some spiritual power and work as a book boy attendant in Xichen Hall. The people who hurt Runyu and Xufeng wanted to form an alliance with the flower world.

Changfang decided to follow the will of the first flower god, not participate in external disputes, and did not agree to this person’s request. Lord Changfang has been worried about Jin Mi, worried that this is her love for thousands of years. Yulan Fangzhu finally reached a cooperation with the people before, the first thing is to tell her the true identity of Jin Mi and who her parents are.

Xufeng asked Jin Mi to recite the Brahma Mantra, 49 of which were only facing 5 of his back. The angry Xufeng taught Jin Mi a few more mantras and asked her to recite the Brahma Mantra together, and spot checks tomorrow. Seeing Jin Mi’s constant complaints, Xu Feng admonished her not to take shortcuts, so the two of them sat down in the Xichen Hall to practice.

Suihe came to the Fire Temple to visit Xufeng and bribed Jinmi with elixir, hoping that Jinmi could help to find out what Xufeng thought about him. Jin Mi didn’t understand why this bad-tempered Xufeng was liked by so many fairies. In the Marriage Hall, people often asked themselves to give Xufeng a love letter. Xufeng was cold and indifferent to Suihe, but Jin Mi was very interested in the food that Suihe sent.

When Jin Mi was waiting for the fairy under the moon, she ran into the fairy history of Yuebo, who mistakenly called Jin Mi as the fairy. Jin Mi happily gave her a red string as a gift. Jin Mi asked the immortal how to confirm the man’s mind, and the fairy under the moon thought that she liked Xufeng and couldn’t find a suitable way to confess, so she gave all of her collector’s edition books to Jin Mi.

Xu Feng came to test Jin Mi’s illusion art, not wanting Jin Mi to make no progress. She was very embarrassed to see Jin Mi using the book of the fairy under the moon to cushion the table leg. Jin Mi wanted to show Xu Feng the other two collections of the book, but lost her balance and fell into Xu Feng’s arms. This scene happened just right. The immortal under the moon saw it.

Runyu happened to meet the fairy under Moon, and he naughty tied the red thread to his feet. Runyu advised the fairy under Moon not to waste the red string on him, because he had a marriage contract long ago. At the beginning, the Emperor of Heaven betrothed Luo Lin and Fengshen’s eldest daughter to his eldest son, but now Fengshen and Luo Lin are separated for a long time, Runyu’s fiancé seems to be far away. Runyu confessed that he did not want to marry a wife, but the fairy under Moon unexpectedly saw a piece of red rope on his wrist. Runyu asked the fairy under Moon about the newly appointed fairy boy, and was very happy to learn that the little fairy was named Jin Mi that day.

In order to punish Jin Mi, Xu Feng turned Jin Mi into chopsticks for a while, which was not edible, and then turned Jin Mi into cabbage and placed it next to the jade rabbit. The days of Jin Mi as an immortal waiter were really bad. For seven days, the immortal Yuexia rescued her, and the angry Jin Mi was cut off from Xufeng and decided to move to the Marriage Mansion. The fairy under the moon revealed to Jin Mi that he would start conscription in two days, and select soldiers through discussion of the art of war, but they had an accent, which made Xufeng two big ones.

Because of gluttony, Jin Mi had some understanding of the dialects of various places and was able to have a smooth conversation, which surprised Xu Feng. With Jin Mi’s help, Xu Feng found a suitable candidate as she wished, and now she looked different to Jin Mi. Seeing Jin Mi’s performance, Xu Feng told him that the Dragon Boat Festival will be held in Qiwu Palace recently, and that the rice dumplings will include spiritual energy for those who have a good chance.

Kuang Lu came to the Seventh Main Hall of Xuanji Palace by conscription, but was mistaken by Runyu for the eyeliner sent by the empress. Runyu deliberately embarrassed Kuang Lu, but she was contented and hard-working.

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