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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 3 Recap

His Majesty rebuked Runyu for harming Xufeng. Xufeng explained in detail the situation on the day and showed his wounds, arguing that he had no reason to murder Xufeng. His Majesty couldn’t help but feel distressed. Jin Mi finally learned that the crow he had rescued was actually a sacred bird, so he turned his head and came up with the idea of ​​spiritual power. Xu Feng heard that his Majesty had pleaded guilty to Runyu, so he hurried to return Runyu’s innocence.

Xu Feng explained to His Majesty that he had fallen into the wild land by hitting Bing Leng, trying to rescue Runyu. His Majesty heard that Xu Feng scared away one hundred thousand enemy troops with one person, and was very happy. Thinking that Ben had also promised the Empress to wait for Xu Feng to make a triumphant seal of the reserve, he was thinking about it, but Xu Feng claimed to be in charge of the Five Heavenly Soldiers, defending and retreating from the enemy was a matter of course. No reward is required. This theory angered the empress.

Liaoyuanjun just solved the virus in Xufeng’s body, and Xufeng hurried to Xuanji Palace to treat the fire poison in the body for the jade. Runyu’s spiritual power is not weak, but he was seriously injured by the assassin that night. Xu Feng knew that the person who wanted to hurt himself must be a strong opponent. Runyu asked about the specific circumstances of the day of Nirvana, wondering why this person was familiar with water spells, but was not afraid of the fire of Nirvana, Runyu decided to help Xufeng track down the matter secretly and find out the real culprit.

In the Zifangyun Palace, the empress heard that Xufeng had not yet had a rift with Runyu, but he healed her wounds and recounted the past, fearing that she would give up the throne in the future. The empress instructed his subordinates to be optimistic about Runyu, and report it immediately if there is a turmoil.

Jin Mi looked around, and felt that the Tiangong was nothing strange, it was just that there were layers of mist that lingered around, covering the ground loomingly, but on the contrary, it made people unable to see the road. While admiring it, I saw a little beast curled up and sleeping, Jin Mi went up and touched it, but the little beast suddenly imagined that he was a teenager, dressed in red gauze, with red lips and white teeth, and curled eyebrows. bend.

Jin Mi told the little beast about his fate with Xufeng, and rushed to Xufeng, calling him a fairy under the moon, this person is actually Xufeng’s uncle. The fairy under the moon invited Jin Mi to visit her marriage mansion, and Jin Mi quickly responded.

Jin Mi saw some strange notes in the Immortal Mansion under the Moon, as if he was asking the immortal for something. Jin Mi also asked the fairy where Daluo Jinxian was, and wanted to find him to restore the life of his friend Furou. The fairy persuades Jin Mi to stay and practice with great concentration, so that he can find a way to save his friend. After thinking about it, Jin Mi decided to stay in Tiangong and save more spiritual energy to save his friends.

Jin Mi wants the fairy under Moon to help him pick flowers and nectar. The fairy tells Jin Mi that thousands of years ago, the first incarnation of the emperor Moon Flower World had formed a large beam, and the flower god destroyed all the flowers and plants in the heavens by casting a spell in a rage. ,

Since then, the heaven will not grow. Helpless, the emperor turned clouds into thousands of flowers and plants, finally returning some color to the heavens. Seeing that Jin Mi knows nothing about love and love, he borrowed “The Secret Map of Heavenly Fragrance” from Jin Mi. Unexpectedly, Jin Mi has no interest in it, and only wants to increase spiritual power.

Runyu was sitting by the water, and Jin Mi who was passing by was bullied by Runyu’s spirit beast. Jin Mi mistakenly believed that Runyu’s job was to raise spirit beasts and praised Runyu’s future. He also gave Runyu gifts, hoping that more people would accompany Runyu in the future.

In the Marriage Mansion, Jin Mi used the red thread broken by the fairy under the moon to transform into flowers, causing the little Xian’e in the Nine Heavens to line up to find her. The fairy boy next to Xufeng heard this and wanted to ask for a flower, and in return gave her two Suzaku eggs, saying that it could increase spiritual power for three hundred years.

Jin Mi ate all the Suzaku’s eggs immediately, but found that her stomach ached. Jin found the help of the fairy under Yuexia, and the fairy was taken away by Xufeng before asking. The attributes of Jin Mi and Suzaku’s eggs conflicted, but fortunately Xufeng was saved in time, otherwise his life would be worrying. Jin Mi didn’t get spiritual power this time, instead she lost 300 years of spiritual power, which made her complain.

At night, Yanyou felt that Jin Mi was in danger and sneaked into the Fire Temple quietly. At this time, Jin Mi was immersed in the nightmare of losing Qiongqi and hurting flesh. Xu Feng was very dissatisfied with the closeness of Yanyou and Jin Mi, and even more uncomfortable after learning that they had a hundred-year appointment, so he returned Jin Mi’s spiritual power for a hundred years, so that he was not prepared to approach Jin Mi in the future.

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