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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 2 Recap

Jin Mi took Xu Feng to the Huajie Spring Pond. Xu Feng was drinking here, only to find that Jin Mi was washing his feet with the spring water. When he was angry, he blushed and called Jin Mi a wild demon. Jin Mi saw that he was leaving the flower world, so he asked him to repay his life-saving grace and take himself out of the enchantment to the heavenly palace. The immortals in the flower world found that a bird had broken the barrier, so they searched around.

When Jin Mi saw someone coming, he kicked Xufeng into the spring pool, and then escaped the tracking of the heroes. However, Xufeng didn’t know the water, drowned and fainted. Jin Mi used mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and fed him the Six Lucky Treasures to finally wake him up. Xu Feng helpless, promised Jin Mi to set off to take her to the heaven.

In the Yancheng palace, the Gucheng king heard that the god of fire had suddenly changed in Nirvana, and the emperor sent ten thousand soldiers to look for people everywhere. Mozun believes that the power of the heavens is currently weak, and they can strike while the iron is hot and send troops to the heavens. At the same time, the Emperor of Heaven was comforting the Emperor.

He had already sent many people to find Xufeng. Feng Empress took this opportunity to advocate for Xufeng to be his son, and to provoke the relationship between Runyu and the Emperor. The emperor believed that the empress had listened to the villain’s slander, and in his heart Runyu had always been very kind.

Xu Feng put Jin Mi in his sleeve and flew away. At this time, Zhong Fangzhu had just repaired the enchantment, but unexpectedly he was easily broken by Xu Feng, Haitang Fang commanded him to pursue him, but he became Xu Feng’s defeat. Changfang’s lord Peony found that Jin Mi was no longer in the enchantment, and when he ran to ask Lao Hu and Forsythia, he accidentally found bird feathers. The defeated Haitang Fangzhu came to describe Xufeng’s characteristics at this time. Peony mistakenly thought it was a cronies of bird clan leader Suihe who took Jinmi away.

Lord Changfang personally came to the bird tribe to ask Suihe for an explanation. Suihe wanted to order his subordinates to torture all the members of the bird tribe, but at this time someone reported that the demons were preparing to attack the heavens. Suihe knew that the situation was serious and no longer Interacting with Peony’s request, it hurt Peony’s heart and flew to Heaven to help. Lord Changfang lost to Suihe, so he could only cut off the bird clan to eat and practice in retreat.

When Xu Feng flew over the bank of Wangchuan River, she suddenly noticed that her devilish energy was soaring, and she appeared in Biancheng. While King Gucheng and the others were discussing, Xu Feng suddenly appeared, reprimanding them for thief calling and catching the thief, and took out Fengling Arrows to frighten the three of them. Liu Ying, the daughter of King Biancheng, was not afraid of Xu Feng, and took the initiative to challenge. After a few moves, she was defeated. Mo Zun and others were afraid of Xu Feng, so she didn’t dare to say more.

The empress found the ice ridges left by Runyu when Xufeng was in Nirvana, and hurriedly went to Jiuxiaoyundian to report to her Majesty. His Majesty called Runyu to question, but he did not admit that this matter was his own. Xufeng came back to Jiuzhongtian and happened to be in Suihe. Suihe found Jin Mi in words and shot her out. Jin Mi explained that he was the one who saved Xufeng’s life. Suihe gave her to repay her. With some pills that increase spiritual power, she also knew that Xu Feng was a fire phoenix.

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