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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 1 Recap

The frost, the cold moon, is deeper and heavy. In the Baihua Palace, Twenty-Four Fangzhu knelt in the center of the main hall, and everyone’s eyes were on the body of the flower god Zifen in the brocade couch. The Lord of Peony Fang kneeled before the collapse and reached out to take the baby girl from the flower god. Zifen handed a pill into Peony’s hand and fed it into the baby’s mouth. The elixir is called the meteor pill, and those who take this pill will never love it. Zi Fen was thinking about the scene of the marriage between the god of water and the god of wind.

Sadness came from it. She didn’t want her child to be bothered by love, but she only wished that she was ruthless, free and strong. Zi Fen named the baby girl “Jin Mi”, and she also instructed all the heroes not to make Jin Mi a flower god after the death of her soul. Being able to be a happy fairy is what she wishes for her.

Xinghua Fangzhu did not want the flower world to have no owner, but Zifen had decided, and decided to let the twenty-four Fangzhu twenty-four solar terms take turns to spend the four seasons. She concentrated on her calculations, Jin Mi might have a complex within ten thousand years, so she restricted Jin Mi to live in the water mirror enchantment, and could not step out of the flower world for ten thousand years.

In a blink of an eye, four thousand years have passed, and the death of the flower god Zifen seems to be the same as yesterday. The carrot of Xiuchengxian–Lao Hu was telling the story of the six worlds between heaven and earth to the small flowers, but he heard a snoring sound. It turned out that Jin Mi was sleeping on a branch. While taking a nap, Peony, the master of Changfang, suddenly drove to her and tried spells with Jin Mi.

Unfortunately, because of her low spiritual power, Master Changfang was reprimanded by Changfang Master. She also rejected her original desire to leave the enchantment. Under the reminder of the Lord Changfang, Jin Mi remembered that today is the death of the flower god first, and he needs to worship. Lord Changfang was dissatisfied with Jin Mi’s reluctance to make progress, and asked her to stay and be punished after the worship.

The flower mirror only opens an enchantment every 100 years, so that the elves of the flower world can also go to worship. The elves came to the ceremony, and the Lord Changfang Peony Huan Jinmi stood at the forefront. The other Lord Fang was afraid of not complying with the regulations, so they were persuaded by the Lord Changfang Peony. After the ceremony, Jin Mi knelt down. She tried her best to solve this little fixation technique. When she was unable to do anything, the little demon Yanyou from the pool came to rescue Jin Mi.

Yanyou is not only Jin Mi’s friend, but also She was the savior of her life 900 years ago. For this reason, Jin Mi will accumulate her spiritual power to replenish Yanyou’s body every hundred years. 900 years ago, Jin Mi and Yi Duo Xiao Xian ran out of the enchantment to play around, but they met the monster Qiong Qi. Although Yan You passed by and rescued Jin Mi, Su Fu Xiao Xian died unfortunately.

In Qiwu Palace, Xufeng followed the law to Nirvana, and he had to practice for seven to forty-nine days. Today is also the expiry day. The empress instructed Liaoyuanjun to guard Qiwu Palace and not allow anyone to enter without authorization. That night, the night god Runyu was arranging the stars, but he was raided at Beitianmen.

This person rushed all the way to Qiwu Palace. Following Runyu, he saw that this man had a strong spiritual power and wanted to break into Qiwu Palace to capture the thief , Was blocked by Lord Liaoyuan. At this time, a burst of flames soared into the sky, and the Vulcan Phoenix was missing.

At the same time, Jin Mi found a jackdaw that broke through the barrier but was about to die. Jin Mi followed the example of an adult and dropped 3 drops of spiritual water on the crow. Seeing that he hadn’t recovered, he decided to stew it to make up. When the body was preparing, it was discovered that the crow appeared in a human form, lying half on the table. Jin Mi remembered that every immortal family has an inner pill essence, so she started the idea of ​​the inner pill essence.

She saw that there was a weird thing under the crow’s abdomen, and she was raising the blade to look for it, but the crow suddenly woke up and became angry. She comes. Jin Mi was so scared that he dropped the blade on the ground. Lie that he is the one who saved his life and ask him to call himself a benefactor. The crow was actually Xu Feng who was injured. He recognized the spirit lock on Jin Mi’s head, wondering why this little demon had such a strong spiritual power.

Seeing that Jin Mi kept calling him a crow, Xu Feng stretched her arms in front of her, and a golden brocade robe was added instantly, making Jin Mi dazzled.

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