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Fights Break Sphere 斗破苍穹 Episode 10 Recap

After the teachers announced the team’s free activities, Xiao Yan and his party began their exploration journey. After they came to a valley, they suddenly found a huge cricket demon worm. Xiao Yan picked up a black ruler and smashed the demon worm When I went there, I found that I couldn’t hurt them. Everyone scattered in the fight and lost contact. Xiao Yan was left beside Xiao Yan. During the crisis, Xiao Yanfei rescued Xun Er. Although they fell heavily together, the two pulled into the distance between them. The four eyes opened slightly with relative lips. Er’s eyes were full of love, Xiao Yan quickly got up and broke the atmosphere.

The evil spirits chased again, Xiao Yan led the evil spirits alone and injected the different fire into the mysterious ruler. After the right time, he cut his skin with a knife, and the slurry cracked. Unexpectedly, although the worm burst, a large wooden box popped out of his stomach. At this time Lin Xiuya, Hu Jia and others also rushed back. To prevent accidents, everyone raised the wooden box and walked towards the cliff. To say that this tiger is unfamiliar with water, he jumped into the lake while hiding the insects, causing Lin Xiuya to wake him up with artificial respiration. Because of this, Han Xian also teased them both along the way. How did you know that before reaching the cliff, the wooden box began to shake violently.

After everyone opened it carefully, they suddenly found a woman crouching inside. The woman reportedly hid by her father to hide in the box in order to avoid the monster. The crowd went out of the cave to continue their journey. Lin Xiuya told everyone that they would encounter a double-headed fire snake, very fierce, and everyone might be in danger, not to mention a girl with no combat power. Xiao Xuner shouted Xiao Yan alone at this time. She stated that she had wrestled her spirits all over her body in order to heal the girl, but found that a stronger spirit was fighting in her body. As soon as the words fell, the two were surprised to find that the girl was one foot away from her, and Han Xian, who was far away, had fallen unconscious on the ground. Xiao Xun’er was taken away by the woman before he responded. Xiao Yan offered a strange fire and Xuan Zhongru to attack, but was threatened to force him to lay down his weapon.

It turned out that this woman’s name changed to Yun Yun, and she studied under the old master of Yun Lanzong. She wanted to hide in the box and walk through the cave, but was ruined by hunting Xiao Yan and others. Fang Caiyun Yun saw the fire in Xiao Yan’s hands, and she decided to let Xiao Yan accompany herself through the cave, so she would no longer do anything that threatened his companion’s life.

The cave that the two of them need to cross is very strange. Once they step in, they will fall into an illusion and cannot walk out until they die. And Xiao Yan’s master fire is the fire of the emperor, the king of heaven and earth, so that the illusion can be broken. Xiao Yan lit a different fire after entering the cave, Yun Yun left markers along the way to avoid getting lost. I did not expect to return to the same place no matter what method was used. The long time of the different fire made Xiao Yan physically weak. After a break in the corner, Yun Yun, anxious, dropped Xiao Yan and rushed out. Unexpectedly, she was hallucinated by poison gas soon. After Yun Yun came back, she accused Xiao Yan of abandoning herself, and somehow said a woman’s jealous words. Xiao Yan didn’t know how to deal with it. The emotionally drawn sword was about to commit suicide. Yun Yun was in a coma.

Xiao Xiaoyan took Yun Yun to a safe place. He used stones as a barrier to stop the attack of poison gas. In this way, the two have a chance to breathe, and the situation is critical, regardless of the difference between men and women. Xiao Yan tore off Yun Yun’s shoulder clothes and began to treat her wounds. After a while, Yun Yun awakened, and was very angry when she saw that her clothes were disheveled. Although she had no strength, she gritted her teeth and said that she wanted to kill Xiao Yan, a gangster. Then Yun Yun’s symptoms became worse and worse He began to feel cold, and his instinct for survival made him drop the shelf and be paranoid. He begged Xiao Yan to hug himself to keep warm. When time was tight, Xiao Yan came into Najie and thought of the pharmacopoeia that Yao Chen had given to himself. After consulting it, he knew that there was an air stone beast in the cave. These poisonous mists were given by him. When Xiao Yan consulted the refining method of antidote, he began to practice alchemy.

Yun Yun, who had taken the elixir, finally woke up. She was surprised when she learned about the Qi Shi Beast. There are such powerful little monsters in the world. If the two want to go out now, I’m afraid they have to take a different approach.

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