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Storm Dance 风暴舞

Storm Dance
Other Title: 风暴舞

Genres: drama, Urban, youthful, inspirational
Liu Xin
Zhou Huiqian
Release Date:
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  • William Chan
  • Coulee Nazha

Li Junjie is a young man born in Shanghai. Because of his outstanding physical fitness, he was hired by a bodyguard company in Southeast Asia. I didn’t expect to reunite with my childhood friend Cheng Siyu abroad. Meeting old friends in another homeland, the two were extremely excited to meet. Li and Cheng and the company’s senior director, Singaporean beauty Zhou Zixuan formed a three-person team, and they accomplished the company’s work again and again. Gradually, Li Junjie was attracted by the beautiful and intelligent Zhou Zixuan, and Zhou also had a good impression of Li Xin, who was daring to Yang Congo. Although Cheng Siyu had a secret love for Zhou Zixuan for many years, he chose to quit silently after finding out the relationship between the two friends.

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