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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 40 End Recap

Ye Zun devours every day, every night, he can no longer control his desire to devour. At this moment it is not that Ye Zun wants to swallow the world, but the world is forced to swallow it. The night of Dragon City turned dark, and the energy of all living organisms entered Ye Zun’s body.

Ye Zun hates this world, hates his brother, hates himself for the same face as him. I would rather live up to the whole species to transform and reverse, to smash this sore and rotting world full of betrayal and suspicion, and to reshape a new one. It’s all because when the meteorite hit the starfish, the world was in chaos. Brothers Ye Zun and Shen Wei are lonely and miserable, relying on each other.

But Ye Zun was weak when he encountered the thieves at the time, coughing and fainting. When he woke up and found that his brother was long gone, the thief chief smiled and said that Shen Wei had escaped alone, and gave him the poor and helpless. Ye Zun understood the meaning of betrayal for the first time. The distressed Ye Zun continued his desperate swallowing, and the serum in Zhao Yunlan’s body finally burst out with the power it should have, and confronted Ye Zun.

Ye Zun’s swaying body made the four people in his stomach miserable. Shen Wei felt the opportunity and asked Lin Jing to push the icicle in. Shen Wei used the last bit of life body and last bit of energy body to send the remaining three people out, but he was buried forever in Ye Zun’s bottomless stomach. Ye Zun was also hit hard, and only to this day has he discovered that the energy body of his brother’s black robe envoy is not black at all, and that energy can swallow and kill himself. Yunlan laughed weakly. It turned out that Shen Wei had concealed himself from such a big game.

Ye Zun, who had failed in the darkness, knelt down on the ground, raising his head as his brother’s innocent smile warmed people’s hearts. Ye Zun pour out all the grievances in his heart. Shen Wei reproduced the truth at the time innocently. In fact, at the beginning, the Thief Chief didn’t like Ye Zun, who was weak and flimsy, and wanted to walk Shen Wei, but in order to protect his younger brother, Shen Wei was pushed off the cliff by the Thief Chief.

Ye Zun who made mistakes again and again heard this ending and laughed. It turned out that he was never the abandoned one, and that he had never lost his brother. Shen Wei maintained that calm and beautiful appearance, and reached out to Ye Zun, inviting Ye Zun to go home. In the dark space, the two brothers have the same eyebrows and friendship as before. Go back to the world where you should go together. Yunlan called Shen Wei dejectedly and desperately, hoping that this ten thousand years of guardian vows would not end at this moment, Shen Wei turned around slightly, as tender as water when he first saw it, and then disappeared into the darkness.

Lin Jing dragged the exhausted and traumatized Yunlan away from the Dijun Palace, turned and continued to search for the remaining four people in the special tuning. Yunlan wrinkled her brows while holding the soul lamp. Before entering the earth star, Yunlan asked the roe lion about the secret of the soul-suppressing wick. The soul calming lamp, as the name suggests, is the lamp to suppress evil spirits with one’s own righteousness as fuel. Sacrifice is the essence of it. If the wick is really nowhere to be found, a warrior is needed to donate his life body and condense it into fuel to ignite this lone lamp and let it exert its true value and energy.

This warrior will suffer thousands of times stronger than flame burns throughout his life, and will continue to suffer thousands of times, repeating infinitely in a process of death and life. After listening, Zhao Yunlan smiled disdainfully and even contemptuously, thinking that he could conceal his determination. Zhao Xinci looked at him with nostalgia in his eyes. Knowing the child is better than the father, how can I not understand your determination to save the world. Zhao Yunlan raised his head and looked at his father’s old face.

The sadness that could not be hidden in his heart was pouring out. At this moment, his father, whom he had never admitted for decades, was so hard to part with. So Yunlan shouted to the deer lion, trembling in her voice, begging the deer lion to survive for her when she had to sacrifice to come, to respect the elders, to respect the elders, to respect neighbors, and to maintain world peace. After all, Zhao Yunlan wanted to overthrow everything for his oath, so he lit the lone lamp with his remaining will. When Lin Jing and others returned, they only found Yunlan’s body that was already cold.

At the last moment, everyone passed through the passage next to the woods back to Earth Star, and then the looming door behind them completely disappeared. Snake Four tells everyone that the secret forbidden road of the Asian Beast has been completely blocked, everyone is okay. It seems that we are really going to say goodbye to the earth star, and we are really separated from the earth star human world, and the earth star is really going to become a world that has nothing to do with the sea star. When the day came, the whole earth and stars were also bright. Light and hope shine on the once dark world. The devastated starfish was also rebuilt, and all the work, everyone and things were proceeding in an orderly manner.

Zhu Hong has done a decent job as the patriarch of the Asian beast; the Great Wall has finally emerged and become a role model in the hearts of the new generation; Lin Jing still returns to the special school to continue her practice; Zhao Xinci is able to assist in the work of Haixingjian , There is no longer a phenomenon of fine division.

Because the deer lion was deposited in Zhao Yunlan’s body, he replaced him and continued his role as the director of the special investigation station to accept everyone’s cheers and speeches. The Dragon City is still that Dragon City, but there is a little more peace, and there will no longer be any terrestrial people who need black robes to suppress. With Zhao Yunlan, a particularly reliable hero, everyone’s lives are full of hope.

All those who knew this disaster missed Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan. They were the price of salvation, but they were never known. The Great Wall held the pen tightly. I don’t know how to start the story. Everything seems to be the best ending right now. Well, let everything start again.

Yunlan returned to the time wormhole triggered by the sacred artifact, and found Shen Wei who had been waiting for a long time there. Shen Wei turned around and stared at the person who had been waiting for thousands of years. Yunlan knows that the two will finally say goodbye, and any living body will dissipate, but will meet again, right?

Whether it is decades, thousands of years, or even hundreds of millions of years, I will be somewhere, Just like this moment, waiting for you. Shen Wei red eyes, sobbing to make Yunlan promise to believe goodbye. The new vows are opened for you, and you have to recognize them when you recognize them, and you have to recognize them when you don’t recognize them.

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