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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 39 Recap

His brother Shen Wei supported an outsider in such a way, which made Ye Zun feel especially heartache. In addition to the heartache, Ye Zun swallowed this troublesome and sad brother into his lower abdomen. Before exhausting Shen Wei’s energy, Ye Zun did not forget to pierce a hard and cold icicle fiercely into Shen Wei’s heart to express his inner anger.

Zhao Yunlan was in great pain, for Shen Wei’s sacrifice, for Shen Wei’s sacrifice for world peace, and for Shen Wei’s remaining will. Lin Jing found Shen Wei, who was seriously injured and fell into Ye Zun’s stomach. Shen Wei asked Lin Jing to completely immerse the icicle in her chest during the crisis, so as to stimulate all the energy and go to the blog for the last time. Lin Jing tearfully agreed.

The Earth Star people are still pouring into the upper layers of the Earth Star, and the smoke-filled Dragon City is empty at this time, and there is no breath of strangers. Only Brother Chu and others are rushing to rescue. At this time, Tan Xiao and Zheng Yi came hand in hand, and decided to join the rescue team in repaying Shen Wei’s life-saving grace. On the other side, Zhao Xinci organized Ya Beast to launch a counterattack.

Ya Qing never imagined one day fighting alongside the humans he spurned. All the Asian Beasts and Earth Stars worked together with mankind to forge ahead, and finally expelled all the Earth Stars who had surged into Shanghai Star. In this dispute, Daji gave his life forever. At the moment of death, she finally realized the value of life. She had wasted her life eight times and failed to taste the true meaning of love. In the end of this last death, Da Ji left with a smile in Daqing’s embrace.

Yunlan and the Great Wall have not returned for a long time, and Brother Chu, Daqing, and Zhu Hong decided to go to Earth Star and swear to retrieve all their lost brothers. Zhao Xinci handed a mutant serum to Daqing. This is the latest result obtained by Li Qian’s painstaking experiments and purification a hundred times. However, the stronger the ability, the stronger the side effects. It is not a last resort, and Xinci does not want anyone to use it.

Without the soul lamp, Ye Zun was helpless. Simply sit down and negotiate with Zhao Yunlan. Because Ye Zun was unable to confuse people’s minds for the first time, his ability to try Bai Ling failed in Zhao Yunlan, who had no desire and desire. Ye Zun bent his knees and asked what Zhao Yunlan wanted. Zhao Yunlan was firm in his will, staring at Ye Zun’s face that was the same as Shen Wei’s, and gritted his teeth and told him: I want you to die. Ye Zun angrily lifted the table and walked away. The remaining regent let Yunlan go again.

Yunlan, who was temporarily free, hurriedly found a bar and turned out the soul-suppressing lamp that was secretly hidden there. Ye Zun actually tracked Yunlan’s whereabouts early in the morning, and finally couldn’t help seeing the soul-suppressing lamp Ye Zun who was thinking day and night.

Thinking that the soul-suppressing lamp was in hand, Ye Zun, who was foolproof, said in public a crazy cruel plan to wipe out all species. These words were recorded by Yunlan using high-tech products and broadcasted immediately. Ye Zun’s cold and dangerous voice spread throughout the Earth Star, and those who were bewitched by him and used him to understand the current situation, turned their guns and stood on the camp against Ye Zun. Everyone rushed to the Dijun Palace, fighting for freedom.

Brother Chu and the others, who had just entered the Earth Star, hurriedly followed the team. If you want to defy the world, you must accept the resistance of the world. Ye Zun is not afraid of the opponents behind him, and he is invincible in the world to absorb the energy of the sacred artifact. Ye Zun swallowed the regent and the regained landlord into his belly. Pulling Yunlan back to the Dijun Palace.

Yunlan was beaten to the ground by Ye Zun. Even if he could not move his hands or stand on his legs, he still did not change his belief in defending world peace and protecting the safety of the world. I thought that Ye Zun who couldn’t find the wick would also be in a stalemate, but Zhao Yunlan never expected that Ye Zun would have targeted the pure and fresh Guo Changcheng long ago.

The pure heart of the Great Wall is the best wick, and the clean and impurity energy can provide power for Ye Zun. Yunlan roared madly, hoping to awaken the sleeping Great Wall, to resist and struggle to change the fate of the world. The Great Wall’s determination to protect others and save the world was awakened. In the moment, at the moment when Ye Zun nearly completed the energy fusion of the four sacred artifacts, he awakened in time and stopped Ye Zun.

At this time, the three of Brother Chu arrived and tried their best to hold Ye Zun and protect the weak Great Wall. Daqing lifted the paralyzed Yunlan up, and Yunlan grabbed the serum from Daqing’s hands and couldn’t help but plunged into his own blood vessel. Since it is a lasting fight, it is necessary to give it a go.

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