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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 38 Recap

As a great patriarch, Zhu Hong took Yunlan and Daqing into the Asian Beast Forbidden Land and placed the four sacred artifacts in designated locations, but could not reverse time and space and change the ending. Because the soul lamp has no wick. At this time, there was a sudden change outside the door, and the three hurriedly gathered the precious artifacts and went out to check. The disturber was Professor Ouyang. After the mutation, Professor Ouyang was extremely ferocious and came with a plan to kill the Asian beast.

Ouyang saw the large number of people on the opposite side, took out the serum and decided to continue the injection, continue to strengthen his strength, and was held back by Yun Lan. At the juncture of the hair, kindness arrived and threw a pistol to Yunlan. There was a mutant serum on one side, and an ice-cold pistol on the other. They were aimed at the opponent’s body almost at the same time. Finally, with a gunshot, Ouyang Zhen died with the crazy experiment plan that never came out.

The Great Wall frequently uses its abilities in order to appease the innocent souls in the flames of war as soon as possible. The Great Wall relayed the wishes of dozens of people to their relatives via live webcast. The restless Dragon City finally calmed down, and the victims decided to continue to pin their hopes to the special investigation institute. After completing this important task, Great Wall and Brother Chu rushed to the Asian Beast Forbidden Land to join Yunlan.

The kindness that had rescued Yunlan was transformed back to the mind of a roe lion, and roe lion solemnly introduced himself to everyone: roe lion, the only earth-star mutant who remained on the ground. Magui, is my master. With the assistance of the roe lion, the passage to the earth star was opened, and the secret of the soul-suppressing lamp was also delivered to Yunlan.

Just as Yunlan was about to desperately go to Earth Star to rescue Shen Wei, the Great Wall arrived. In order to keep its promise, Great Wall was determined to go to Earth Star and bring to their families the last words of those Earth people who had also sacrificed in this cruel war.

The roe lion recognized the Great Wall very much, and stroked the top of the Great Wall with one hand, a bright light shining on the Great Wall. Even Daqing, who lived for 10,000 years, was shocked. In this world, there are human hearts that are pure and transparent, like sunlight that has never been polluted. The Great Wall took the charm given by Brother Chu and followed Yunlan to Earth Star.

Ye Zun tied Shen Wei, whipped and burned. Shen Wei was weak and pale with blood spreading on his face. After sharing his life with Yunlan, those shocking scars never healed. Ye Zun was even more concerned about such a stubborn brother. Just like a game of predators, Ye Zun pushes the danger to Zhao Yunlan. When Shen Wei heard Zhao Yunlan’s name, passion and blood burst into his gray face, and his hysterical roar protested against Ye Zun.

But in exchange for Ye Zun’s obscene, dark ridicule. After Ye Zun left, the regent was left standing aside. Until now, the regent can’t tell which brother is right or wrong. Both of them are desperate for the survival of the earth star. There is no way to know who can bring the real light of the earth star. , The regent decided to let Shen Wei go to try again.

When Yunlan and the Great Wall first entered the Earth Star, they were attacked by people with good and evil faces. Yunlan was unstoppable, but the bruised Shen Wei rushed in front of Yunlan desperately. No one can touch Zhao Yunlan’s vellus hair, as long as there is a breath, Shen Wei will fight for him to the end. In order to let Yunlan leave safely, Shen Wei dragged his broken body to stay to resist the chase of the soldiers.

But Yunlan was not spared either, because the Great Wall was actually planted with black energy by Ye Zun early in the morning. At the most critical moment, Great Wall completely lost its mind and disordered its behavior. Yunlan looked at the Great Wall clinging to her legs, her stubbornness was like the Great Wall that was willing to rush to the front to shield others from the knife every time she encountered danger. Yunlan smiled relievedly, and threw the baggage containing the sacred objects to Ye Zun to show surrender.

Shen Wei, covered in blood, slumped to the ground, trampled and insulted by Ye Zun. Zhao Yunlan was still cynical, tied to the stone pillar. Ye Zun ignored the disturbance of world peace in order to absorb the energy of the four sacred artifacts, and from then on the world was invincible. But Yezun’s wish could not be realized without the soul-suppressing lamp. Yunlan ridiculed the unfinished battle. Yunlan’s ear-piercing laughter made Ye Zun very annoyed, and the full of anger turned into a fierce attack, which deeply hurt Zhao Yunlan. And the deepest, heaviest and most painful one was blocked by Shen Wei.

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