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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 37 Recap

When everyone returned to the special room, they found that it was a broken world, and Lao Li, who guarded the door of the special room with great care, had also suffered misfortune. Lao Li has always been like a father to give all the children a solid arm, but at this moment, the strong father also fell because of this bloody storm. Ya Qing’s men caught Lao Li all over his body and wounded him, and finally died in Daqing’s arms. To bid farewell to loved ones in tears, everyone’s fighting spirit was aroused. Stop the wicked arrogant steps to make all sacrifices meaningful.

Zhao Yunlan suddenly thought that when he first came to the Special Tuning Institute, he packed and packed a bunch of old objects, and inside it was the figure of the last sacred instrument soul lamp. Everyone rummaged through boxes and cabinets and pulled out a pile of waste products, finally letting the soul-suppressing lamp that had been hidden for a long time come to light.

But at the moment there is only a lamp shell without a wick, and a soul-suppressing lamp that does not have a complete shape still cannot show its unique value. Shen Wei speculated that the wick might stay on Earth Star, but Ye Zun had already cast a spell on the only way to Earth Star, and Shen Wei was already unable to cope with it, and could no longer carry Yunlan.

Just as Yunlan was distressed, everyone received a short video email from Lin Jing that was sent regularly. From the video, everyone found the fact that Lin Jing was swallowed by Ye Zun’s lower abdomen and the conversation between Ye Zun and Ya Qing and Mi Lu. This important news reminded Daqing that there were two passages between Earth and Starfish opened by Magui 10,000 years ago. One was next to the big locust tree where Shen Wei traveled daily, and the other was handed over to Floating, allowing the Asian Beasts to supervise for generations. .

As the Asian Beast, Zhu Hong immediately thought of the mysterious forbidden land that could not be opened for ten thousand years, and the position of the patriarch of the non-Asian Beast could not trespass. So Yunlan, Daqing, and Zhu Hong took the Asian-orc sacred tree delivered by his uncle last time to the Asian-orc camp. Before the Great Wall left, they gave the necklace token given by Yaqing to Zhu Hong in case of emergency. And it stimulated the supernatural power: Great Wall, which sensed the desire of others when they were dead, decided to stay in this sad place to soothe the dead. Brother Chu was worried about the Great Wall and stayed with him.

The soldiers were divided into three groups and encountered different difficult problems. The Yunlan trio first hit Milu’s maze forest, and it was difficult to find a direction in the thick fog. Gu Mu Sensen overlapped with a little phantom, and the trio became more panicked and dispersed. In the end, Daqing found a real ancient tree, climbed to the top, and saw the magical Mi Lu, so he cooperated with Zhu Hong to kill Mi Lu. The fog cleared, the blue sky and white sun reappeared, and the three continued on their journey.

Ya Qing and a wave of Earth Stars returned to the sub-orc position. Today is the day to choose the great patriarch, and Ya Qing is bound to win. What Ya Qing did was for the rise of the Asian Beast, even if he was stuck in the quagmire, even if he went astray. But Ye Zun became more arrogant after he was born.

At this moment, the Earth Star people beside Ya Qing forced Ya Qing to kill the Asian Beast compatriots. This violated Ya Qing’s original intention and finally turned his face with the Earth Star people. Ya Qing, who had killed the Earth Star, asked Snake Si for the sacred tree. According to the ancient teachings, the person who could sprout the dead tree was the great patriarch of Tianding, the person that the entire Asian beast would follow for generations.

It just so happened that Yunlan and others arrived. Yunlan knew the secret of letting the sacred tree germinate, and generously asked Zhu Hong to hand over the sacred tree, smiling to see the embarrassment that Yaqing was unable to let the sacred tree germinate. At this moment, the dragon of the Asian beast group has no leader, and Yunlan took the opportunity to push Zhu Hong out, teach Zhu Hong the secret, and let the rotten wood grow new buds. With the dead wood in the spring, Tie Zhengzheng’s reality lay before his eyes, even Ya Qing had to bow his head to Zhu Hong.

Shen Wei returned to Earth Star, and even if fortified everywhere, he was still willing to take risks. The Earth Monarch Hall, the entire Earth Star’s summit center, had to travel to Tiger Mountain to find the vital wick. But Shen Wei was cautious everywhere but underestimated Ye Zun’s inspiring power, and was finally knocked to the ground by the closest person.

Lin Jing fell into a sticky, hot and humid pink environment, looked around and found that this was actually Ye Zun’s stomach. With the time of digestion, Lin Jing was enough to complete a thrilling self-help.

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