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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 36 Recap

Yunlan asked Cong Bohei to enter Haixingjian’s computer and prepare to communicate with Haixingjian through the Internet. It turned out that Professor Ouyang was extremely excited to announce the great achievements of his experimental serum to Minister Gao, hoping to approve batch use. Minister Gao hesitated a little, and the voice of a demon that was so cold that there was no anger at all came from outside the door.

Ye Zun swaggered into Haixingjian, threatening to build a bridge of friendship. Professor Ouyang tried to hit Ye Zun with his mutated iron fist, but he was empty. Now Professor Ouyang and Minister Gao truly feared Ye Zun’s strength. Ye Zun offered for peace, asking Haixingjian to arrest Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei, and exchange their lives for the peace of the starfish. Facing such a powerful opponent, Minister Gao smiled awkwardly and agreed to the deal. As soon as Ye Zun left, Minister Gao turned his face and agreed that Professor Ouyang put the semi-finished serum into use, so as to curb Ye Zun’s arrogant pace.

The approved Professor Ouyang was crazy, and hurriedly took Li Qian to the laboratory to obtain serum. But Lin Jing quietly stuffed a note into the Great Wall, and the two sneaked up to the toilet to make clear to each other. It turned out that Lin Jing had never betrayed the special station. The original repatriation was Yunlan’s strategy, and Lin Jing was just cooperating in a scene. The purpose of this play is to steal Professor Ouyang’s serum and destroy his selfish and crazy experimental plan.

As a result, the two went to the laboratory to steal the serum and happened to collide with Professor Ouyang and Li Qian. Lin Jing fought with her mentor, swearing to the death to defend human normal genes. The Great Wall came to the rescue and was forcibly injected with semi-finished serum by Professor Ouyang, while Lin Jing took the opportunity to escape the scene.

The painful Great Wall was thrown by Professor Ouyang to Li Qian to be imprisoned, using the Great Wall as a clinical experimenter for research. However, Li Qian secretly released the Great Wall and presented the three holy artifacts that Haixingjian searched and suppressed in the special note. The Great Wall hugged the sacred artifacts and fled hurriedly at a vain pace. But the special tuning institute has long been scattered and separated, and there is no direction for where to find the Great Wall of Yunlan. At this time, I passed by and ordered the Great Wall to board the train.

The kindness at this moment is the mind of the roe lion. The roe lion recognizes the practice of the special adjustment institute, understands Zhao Yunlan’s grand plan, and recognizes the beliefs of the black robe emissary as an earth star. So the deer lion let go of the Great Wall, but Xin Ci seized a gap to restore her mind. The upright heart-felt only thought that Yunlan was messing around and the Great Wall crime of stealing the sacred artifacts could not be forgiven. Just when Xin Ci was about to arrest the Great Wall and go back to ask the crime, Brother Chu arrived. A puppet thread caused the chaotic Great Wall to fall into a solid embrace, and the two successfully escaped with the holy artifacts.

But Lin Jing at the other end was not so lucky, and Ya Qing watched him midway, Lin Jing had the opportunity to escape but was absorbed by Ye Zun. Lin Jing, who disappeared out of thin air, left behind a small video recorder, swallowed herself by Ye Zun, and recorded all the conversations between Ye Zun and his subordinate Mi Lu. How can Ye Zun’s arrogant dream of unifying the starfish tolerate the sharing of a group of Asian beasts.

Ya Qing firmly believed that Ye Zun could bring light to Ya Beast and lead Ya Beast to abandon the dark days of hiding and forbearing. But Ye Zun only used Yaqing as a chess piece, waiting for the destruction of mankind, the next one would be the Asian beast. The starfish can only tolerate the survival of the earth star, or in other words, can only tolerate his Yezun’s exclusive use. Mi Lu is the watcher of the Yezun sect next to Ya Qing, if Ya Qing gives birth to two hearts, he kills on the spot.

Master Nightmare brought a group of mobs to Shi Shiran, and was met by Brother Chu and the Great Wall. As soon as Brother Chu got rid of the mob, Daqing and Zhu Hong arrived. Master Nightmare’s eyes can help people fall asleep. They didn’t know, both of them fell asleep in Master Nightmare’s magic barrier. At the time when Brother Chu was about to fall, the Great Wall rushed out in spite of the danger and pulled Chu Ge back to the sober world.

Master Nightmare hadn’t expected such a sudden situation, and lost his mind. When Brother Chu threw himself into the air with a puppet thread, Yunlan was born and shot Master Nightmare. The family was almost gathered, and met again, feeling lucky for each other’s survival. All signs of the Great Wall indicate that he has become a human with supernatural powers. Brother Chu was concerned about the body of the Great Wall, supporting the Great Wall step by step toward the special tuning station.

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