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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 35 Recap

Shen Wei first saw Yunlan ten thousand years ago, and since then he has been searching for it all over the world. And Yunlan first saw Shen Wei after ten thousand years, and never thought that the story ten thousand years ago would continue to be written ten thousand years later. Every word that Kunlun and Shen Wei said on the mountain top Shen Wei clearly remembered in his heart.

At this moment, Ye Zun was an ordinary earth star without awakening ability, and became a running dog of the leader of the thief chief. Incompetent, he was scolded and beaten all day long. The thieves gathered four holy artifacts, but suffered from not having the ability to awaken them. The thief chief vented that he wanted to kill Ye Zun’s own brother, the black robe envoy, which greatly annoyed Ye Zun. In Ye Zun’s heart, his elder brother is supreme, and the rest of the creatures are all ants, but such a dear, respectable and lovely brother abandoned Ye Zun for his so-called grand cause a few years ago. The love in Ye Zun’s heart turned into hate.

How much he once cherished his brother, how much he wants to kill him now. For the first time, the obedient Ye Zun loudly rebelled against the thief chief, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the thief chief. But the Chief Thief who was about to kill Ye Zun unintentionally awakened Ye Zun’s dusty ability. This ability was swallowing, so the Thief Chief was sucked into his lungs by the Ye Zun, sharing the power and replacing the life of the Thief Chief. From then on, Ye Zun grayed out his hair, put on a white robe, and stood on the opposite side of his dear brother, the black robe.

Daqing received the news of the war: the thieves led the team to start the battle, and carried the sacred weapon. Daqing hurriedly notified Kunlun and the black robe envoy. The two set out to fight side by side. The sacred artifact was snatched from the hands of a rebel group. Kunlun stroked the four sacred artifacts that were intact, thinking that the task had been completed, and it was time for separation. Shen Wei did not give up, Daqing did not give up, one after another came to stay.

Yunlan couldn’t tell the strange fact that he came from ten thousand years later, and only asked the two to pursue their ideals, and they would meet each other in the future. Daqing took out the necklace handed by the floating patriarch and gifted it to Kunlun to show his desire to follow throughout his life. Kunlun, who could not stay in this time and space, returned the necklace to Daqing. Since then, this necklace has been hanging on Daqing’s neck. From then on, Daqing only follows his heart, and no one is his master.

It was at this moment that Ye Zun came chasing the holy artifact and fought Shen Wei. Kunlun shot the surrounding Xiao myself with a gun, and the battle was very stable. Until Ye Zun took off the mask, revealing that axe-cut face, Shen Wei was surprised and overjoyed. He thought that his brother had been killed in the war, but now they meet each other by chance, but Shen Wei never thought of how his brother hated him.

Ye Zuncheng was immersed in the trance of losing and recovering and attacked Shen Wei. At this moment, the sacred artifacts showed great abilities, and the mountains and rivers broke apart in the stormy waves, and the Kunlun was absorbed back into the wormhole among the flying sand and gravel. Shen Wei watched Kunlun disappear between the empty sand and dust, but could do nothing. Suddenly, Ye Zun was controlled by the power of the sacred artifact and could not move.

At this moment, he thought of calling his brother for help. Shen Wei put aside all love and hatred, stretched out his hand to hold Ye Zun tightly in his hand, but he still couldn’t resist the breaking power of mountains and rivers. Under the pull of gravity, Ye Zun slowly fell into the abyss, his last glance was infinite hatred for his brother. Two people who fell into the endless abyss at the same time, Ye Zun was imprisoned in Tianzhu, unable to turn over for ten thousand years. Shen Wei woke up in the mud, wore a mask and wandered around the world, continuing to work hard to write peace.

In the wormhole that twisted time, Yunlan could see the stories of all timelines clearly. Returned to the real world with Shen Wei who entered the wormhole. Two days passed, but the situation was turbulent again. Ye Zun returned to Earth as a fake black robe envoy, burning the peace agreement ten thousand years ago, and bewitching people to start war. The regent is the only person who knows the truth, he chooses to be silent at this moment, who doesn’t know right from wrong and only looks at the direction of the wind. The Earth planets launched an unprecedented war against mankind.

The special note was blocked, and everyone was panicked all day long. The Great Wall was taken to Haixingjian by his uncle to find another way out. I ran into an old friend, Lin Jing on this Great Wall.

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