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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 34 Recap

Lin Jing woke up from a nightmare, worried about the special counseling station in her heart, but the call for condolences could not be made. Suddenly, Professor Ouyang announced his experimental results madly with joy. However, Li Qian found that the current serum was not sufficiently pure and used it rashly, and it was difficult to predict the future possibility. But Professor Ouyang was very anxious and refused to continue to put it into practice, forcibly pushing the serum sample into his blood vessel. Then Professor Ouyang mutated in the painful and crazy roar.

Brother Chu weakly recounted the past, weakly looking forward to the Great Wall waking up, weakly wanting to redeem all sins. The violently beating heart of the Great Wall foretells his strength, and slowly awakens under the protection of Brother Chu. Yunlan took Daqing and Chu Ge to continue the Shanghai Xingjian to discuss the pardon order, but the public opinion fermented too fast, and Hai Xingjian finally issued the wanted order for Zhao Yunlan. The special station was also blocked. Everyone stood on the front line non-stop.

Zhu Hong was taken home by Cong Bo to avoid the limelight. Wang Zheng stayed in the special investigation hall to take care of the sacred artifacts. Daqing found Shen Wei and asked for further instructions. And Ye Zun, dressed in a suit and decently, transformed into a gentle and elegant Shen Wei and mixed into the crowd and into the special tuning room. The shield of the special investigation office was finally removed by Master Nightmare invading Lin Jing’s dream.

Ye Zun entered the special room, just in time to see Yunlan being backlashed by the power of the sacred artifact, and painfully contending with it. Yunlan hopes to use the sacred artifacts to change the timeline of the entire era, to reverse time and space, and to return to before the birth of Yezun to reverse all difficulties. Ye Zun squeezed sweat in his heart.

Yan Yan said with a smile on the surface, and began to persuade Yunlan to hand over the sacred artifact. It’s a pity that the fake is fake after all. Ye Zun is very different from Shen Wei. His aloof attitude and ambition to plunder everything make Ye Zun reveal his doubts in every word and sentence. Yun Lan, who was with Shen Wei day and night, would not know it, a gun was placed on Ye Zun’s chest.

Ye Zun was not in a hurry, and smiled arrogantly. No one in this world could capture him as fast as lightning. Yunlan shot a few shots into the air, Wang Zheng and Sang Zang rushed to stand in front of Yunlan, paving the way for Yunlan’s sacrifice. The two were exhausted by Ye Zun, and Ye Zun used them for himself. Immediately after the target was Yunlan’s turn, the sacred artifacts suddenly shined, and the three sacred artifacts were running at the same time. Shen Wei also arrived in time and cut off Ye Zun’s inextricable connection with Yunlan. But in the end the three of them were absorbed by the vision of the sacred artifact.

In this chaotic timeline, Yunlan entered the chaotic time and space 10,000 years ago. Yunlan saw Shen Wei and Daqing, but still couldn’t understand the changes of this era and the current status quo. I don’t even understand why Daqing called himself “Kunlun” at the first meeting. After Daqing led the way, Yunlan came to the big alliance where humans, sub-beasts, and earth and stars lived together to meet the legendary Magui and the floating patriarch. Here, Yunlan completely understood everything.

When the meteorite hit the starfish, it released 120,000 tons of energy and destroyed the ground where the Earth people lived. As an extremist among the terrestrial people, the thief chief used his bewitching abilities to organize a resistance group to invade the entire starfish. Because the resistance group is now extremely powerful, the three forces of humans, sub-beasts, and earth and stars have united. Not long ago, everyone was preparing to win over Kunlun Lord, but it was found that the thief chief acted first and eliminated all Kunlun side.

However, in order to stabilize the military’s mind, the chief patriarch did not dare to disclose the news, so he had to call Yunlan, who had come thousands of years later, to act as Kunlun and lead the war on his behalf. Magui and Fuyou knew that Zhao Yunlan came from the future ten thousand years from now, and knew that Yunlan would be a beacon to light the candle of starfish hope in this future.

Immediately after, Yunlan saw the black robe envoy, the scene of ten thousand years, the reappearance of ten thousand years, this time he changed to the person in front of Shen Wei who had no way of knowing, and listened to Yunlan saying something he didn’t understand. Shen Wei only knew that the person in front of him was Kunlun. I only know the person in front of me, and my heart is chaotic.

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