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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 33 Recap

The fake ones are all illusions. Chu Shu was in the dream of Master Nightmare, and entered the illusion of illusion and beauty, and everything was fake. The Great Wall did not return, and Earth and Star were not at peace, and it was himself who killed his brother Nianzhi.

Brother Chu was painfully entangled with himself in his dream. That intact Great Wall was the incarnation of Master Nightmare. He kept calling out to Brother Chu Shu and lovingly and warmly to Brother Chu, but he insisted on smashing the shield of the special office to obtain a holy artifact. In exchange for his brother’s life.

Brother Chu was shaken, his younger brother’s life was still a matter of incomparable happiness in the world, and it was a condition that he could not exchange for a hundred years of taboo. But the living Great Wall in front of him seemed to indicate that the sacred artifact could be exchanged for his brother’s life, and he could awaken his brother’s complete body from the puppet that he carried. Brother Chu and Great Wall came to the special location.

The “Great Wall” could not wait to break through the shield, could not wait to obtain the sacred artifact, could not wait to ask Ye Zun for credit, and could not wait to show all their desires. Brother Chu finally recovered, smashing the imaginary Great Wall with one palm. Escaping from Master Nightmare’s dream, Brother Chu saw the cruel reality.

Those who make trouble in the bar are not read, and those who are docile and well-behaved are not forgiving. Two brothers who are more affectionate than Jinjian are never stingy in loving each other. Chu Shuzhi, who was searching for trouble in the bar, killed people, but Nianzhi, who had the same face, was beaten by everyone. The earth and stars are dangerous. Everyone holds the ruler in charge of his life and death.

The innocent Nianzhi died in the fire of others, and the flames burned to the pain of Nian. This is the first and last time to use his own powers. He curled up into the puppet doll. After learning the news, Chu Shuzhi was so angry that he took the puppet doll left by his younger brother and found the perpetrator. From then on, Chu Shuzhi took the chains of Spring and Autumn and was sentenced to one hundred years in prison. It was he who killed his dearest brother, and the most cruel reality of the dream dissipated was forced to remind forgiveness.

However, Brother Chu, who was struggling to wake up from his dream, found that the surrounding area was empty and the Great Wall really had not returned. He who was tied to the star by Ye Zun was a bit fierce. Brother Chu once again killed another vital person in his life for his own desires. Brother Chu was ashamed and angrily, and fell to the ground crying. Yunlan cried heartbreakingly as he watched Brother Chu, who was wearing a sinful body, and was unable to say those words of reproach.

Yunlan waited for the news from Earth Star, and left Daqing to take care of the emotional Chu Brother, and went to Earth Star alone. When he first entered the Dijun Palace, Yunlan saw the seriously injured and weak Great Wall sitting on the side, and Shen Wei’s soul-cutting knife next to him. It turned out that Ye Zun cast a spell on the Great Wall at the beginning, and Shen Wei woke up to operate in a dark box to protect the Great Wall with the last remaining power, and send the Great Wall away from Tianzhu.

Yunlan found Shen Wei who was bound, and saw a dark shadow that had been wandering around the world to snatch the eternal sundial. The black shadow was originally ordered by the regent to Haixing to encircle and suppress Yezun. After making a mistake, Shen Wei captured him back to Earth Star, but calmed his family and interceded with the regent.

As a result, the black shadow knows grace and decided to rescue Shen Wei to contend with Ye Zun and maintain the peace of Earth and Star. Yunlan was holding Shen Wei’s Soul Slashing Knife, but found that he could not cut the iron rope cursed by Ye Zun. Yunlan fell to the ground several times and was shaken to the ground by a powerful force, but never tired of making fearless attempts over and over again. . Shen Wei saw it hurt in his eyes, and anxiously advised Yunlan to stop here, but Yunlan couldn’t listen. In the end, the heavy knife was taken by Sombra, and Sombra paid the price of his life in exchange for Shen Wei’s freedom.

Yunlan returned to the special tuning station with the unconscious Great Wall on his back and handed it over to Brother Chu. He escorted Shen Wei home. Bundling the stars for too long, Shen Wei missed the brilliant sunshine on the earth, and the two sat on the side of the road, enjoying a rare quiet and beautiful time. However, Brother Chu couldn’t accept the reality that the Great Wall would sleep forever, and regardless of Daqing’s persuasion, he used the longevity dial.

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