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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 32 Recap

Zhu Hong’s dream is over, but Master Nightmare is still waiting for an opportunity, everyone is in danger, and everyone does not dare to sleep peacefully. The public opinion on the Internet continued to ferment, and began to criticize Brother Chu by accusing Sang Shuhuai, revealing the dark history of Brother Chu, and implicating Brother Chu’s family. In Brother Chu’s heart, there is a person who is sacred and inviolable, and that is his dead brother, Chu Nianzhi.

But netizens have already set foot in the forbidden area of ​​Brother Chu. Brother Chu’s self-confidence that he had held for a hundred years was about to stop him, killing and condemning his heart, and Brother Chu’s crazy heart was restless. He wished he could kill all the disgusting human beings who were mean-mouthed and who were playing games above their lives and deaths.

Brother Chu and Zhao Yunlan struggled to argue, he wanted to go to Earth Star alone to bring the black robe back safely, but Yunlan refused. This made Brother Chu annoyed, and he eagerly wanted to go back to Earth Star to see that it was the hometown where he was born and raised, and it was also the place where he went on the road of no return. He wanted to tear up the hypocritical faces of those who persecuted him and hurt him, and to vent the resentment of this century-old shackles.

Yunlan knew that he could not stop Brother Chu, and sent the Great Wall to follow him every step of the way. In the end, Brother Chu took the Great Wall and stood at the door that could travel between the stars and the human world. A wave of indifference and self-pity eroded Brother Chu. Before the Great Wall understood the mystery of the green alleys before him, he was kicked by Brother Chu. He squatted on his hips and landed on the earth star, followed by Brother Chu. The Great Wall tremblingly followed behind Brother Chu, and the panic in his heart was no less than the first time he entered the special training room.

Brother Chu took a deep breath of the dirty air of the Earth Star, where resentment seemed to be hidden there. Brother Chu had long guessed that the unscrupulous regent had already become a running dog of Yezun, so he asked the whereabouts of the black robe envoy straightforwardly. But even if the regent who is a running dog is lured by threats, he still can’t reveal the least useful information. Brother Chu was helpless, looking for the stars in the vast land like a needle in a haystack, so he decided to return to the human world to report to Yunlan.

Before leaving, Brother Chu took the Great Wall to dig through the dusty thick soil for a century, and saw Brother Chu carefully holding an ancient box, like a cicada’s wings like a mesh. But when I opened it, I found that it was empty inside, and the look of Brother Chu’s expectant face instantly turned to gray, which was almost as dying as gray. Brother Chu’s heartstrings bounced sharply. The box should have contained his younger brother, his beloved younger brother, but now he has nothing.

Chu Shuzhi has a twin brother. The two have been close people since their mothers. The blood is thicker than water, and the family relationship seems to be insufficient to describe their relationship. Unwilling to live a mediocre life, she wanted to become a man with a history like the black robe, but went the wrong way, provoked trouble in the bar, murdered and set fire. The regent sentenced Nianzhi to the extreme punishment, and forgive him to face the crime, thinking that with an identical face, the regent would let the regent let go of the frail Nianzhi. But he never expected how cruel the regent was. He would rather kill a hundred by mistake than let one pass.

As a result, both of them suffered the same inhuman abuse. Nianzhi couldn’t hold it back, and they fell forever in that place of execution. Shuzhi was extremely angry, his temperament changed drastically, and his brutal and bloody side could no longer be controlled. The murderer and meat-eater he was brought to the spring and autumn yoke, and he was sentenced to a hundred years in prison. Seeing that the sentence is about to expire, how can Ye Zun let him go through safely.

Brother Chu, who had lost his important items, ran to Tianzhu frantically, only to find the black robe envoy who had been fainted by the shackles. Brother Chu wanted to use a puppet show to rescue him, but found that he could only bring pain to the black robe envoy. Ye Zun’s voice appeared like a demon, and the appearance of changing thoughts frequently awakened the softest side of the heart of Forgiveness. Brother Chu was about to be driven mad in the moment of gain and loss. The Great Wall was also killed by Ye Zun in front of Brother Chu. All of a sudden, the sky and the earth fell apart, and the most important people in life fell in front of him.

Brother Chu was awakened by Yun Lan ignorantly, everything seemed like a dream, but it was terribly real. After Yunlan learned that Shen Wei was imprisoned under the Tianzhu and was unable to move, she only persuaded Brother Chu to take a rest and adjust herself. Brother Chu saw the Great Wall intact again, and everything was beautiful like a dream, but he would feel pain when pinched, and the heartache would never die. Brother Chu fell into inexplicable self-doubt.

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