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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 31 Recap

“Zhao Xinci” slowly turned around, and the father and son quietly started a conversation for the first time. It turns out that Zhao Xinci was possessed by a terrestrial man named Roe Lion during his early mission. The deer lion’s ability is to be deposited in the body of another person. He does not control his mind, but only sneaks out to catch his breath when the other’s will is not firm.

The person who is deposited will show the personality of the deer lion. An executive who shoots and kills an earthly star is now going to be with an earthly star day and night. This is something that Zhao Xinci disdains, but he hurriedly expelled the deer lion away, and he was bound to be injured. After thinking about it, he compassionately decided to live with the deer lion peacefully. More than a decade later, the two shared a body, a mood, and a family. Roe Lion is simply Yunlan’s half father. Zhao Yunlan smiled, feeling that God had made a great joke with him.

Xinci’s appointment with Yunlan was not to reveal his identity, but to inform Zhao Yunlan not to wade in the muddy water. Today, the Special Tuning Institute is in an unprecedented predicament. As an earth star, Zhu Hong and Daqing will be criticized sooner or later as the sub-orcs. Without the ability to reverse public opinion, we can only abandon the special media team.

Zhao Yunlan’s understanding and decision of his father is difficult to accept. The special note is not a stumbling block but his family. Every member in it is his brother. It is the person he wants to protect and save with all his life. It is he who does not care about paying. The homeland must be preserved at any price. The two broke up unhappily, and Yun Lan kicked the door open with a stinky face, leaving Zhao Xinci with an undiscussed expression on his face.

Yunlan met Zhu Hong on the street, and Zhu Hong was given an ultimatum by her uncle. The special room in front of me is a place that cannot be cleaned and cannot stand on. Yaju’s consistent style is to cover up his ears to see right and wrong, and to take care of all the turbulent waves and never condemn it. But Zhu Hong was reluctant to leave with her fourth uncle, she was reluctant to part with the extraordinary sky of the special tune station, let alone Zhao Yunlan. Zhu Hong’s thoughts on Yunlan are understood by everyone except for those who are really lacking in their heads like Great Wall.

I wish Hongai Yunlan can not extricate herself from love, love enough to be willing to cut justice with the people of the tribe, and love enough to accompany Yunlan mountain knife up and down the fire. But when Shen Wei appeared, everything changed, and Zhao Yunlan no longer had her place in his eyes. She feels injustice and despair. Tonight she wants a result and wants Zhao Yunlan to tell her plainly: I need you. But Yunlan turned around coolly, allowing Zhu Hong to leave without worry. The appearance of Yunlan bastard made Zhu Hong’s eyes red. The two hadn’t confided in their relationship yet, and Ya Qing appeared. Ya Qing didn’t seem to want to kill anyone, except for a small scratch, Zhu Infrared, and did nothing more.

Yunlan took the petite Zhu Hong back to the special room, handed over the dressing to Great Wall, and hid herself to calm down. What Shen Wei said before leaving Yunlan’s ears has been surrounding Yunlan’s ears, and the situation is grim at the moment. Should he obey Shen Wei’s defense and fight back. Yunlan, who had lost Shen Wei, fell into a cloud of chaos. He didn’t know where to find the direction.

Things happened one after another, and Yunlan still didn’t know how to face the pressure of Haixingjian and the public opinion of the masses. At this time, I heard that Zhu Hong was in a coma all night, but his heartbeat and breathing were normal, but he couldn’t wake up. Yunlan walked into the sleepy Zhu Hong, but found that the corner of her clothes was tightly tucked in the palm of her hand. Zhu Hong was conscious, but she was controlled by Master Nightmare. Master Nightmare was found by Ye Zun. He could sneak into people’s dreams, use illusory and beautiful dreams to pull people into intoxication, and pull people to sleep. From then on, he was locked in a beautiful dream of nothingness and could never wake up again.

Yunlan tempered her temper and became immersed. Sitting on Zhu Hong’s side, he slowly followed Zhu Hong into his dream, and went to dream to follow the lost Zhu Hong. At this time, Haixingjian came and declared that the special investigation station would be immediately closed. In order to prevent the two from being bound by the unstable dream, Brother Chu ordered the two guards of the Great Wall to come forward to deal with Haixingjian personnel.

There is only Yunlan in Zhu Hong’s dream, she is crazy in love. In this dream, Yunlan is the only one who only loves her, and only cares about her. How could Zhu Hong leave in this illusion filled with pink romantic bubbles, even if the real Yunlan appeared, she would not take Zhu Hong back to reality. She did not want to face the reality that Yunlan was divided into several points, everyone was given the same love by Yunlan. Zhu Hong wants a complete and unique Zhao Yunlan. Zhu Hong cried heartbreakingly in this grueling space, Yunlan patiently calmed down, and everyone in the special adjustment station must be protected. In the end, Yunlan returned to reality with an emotionally stable Zhu Hong.

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