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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 29 Recap

The staff of the special investigation office kept groping bit by bit for clues and codes, and solved the remaining mystery after Shaya gave the first hint. Yunlan and Shen Wei found the two missing persons one after another for ten hours, and only that person, the person who is vital to Zhao Yunlan and who Shaya and Wang Xiangyang hate most, has been delayed. Ye Zun was still active, excited, and boiling with Earth and Stars, turning to the sky by himself. The dark forces gradually shrouded, and this door was about to be closed.

Zhao Yunlan went mad with anxiety, gradually pressing for the time left by Wang Xiangyang, but he had already lost his thoughts. In a trance, he thought of the teachings of his childhood father, carefully analyzed the current situation, and speculated on the psychological state of the target person. Yunlan had an idea, and at Longcheng University’s Tiantai Yunlan and Shen Wei finally met Zhao Xinci, Wang Xiangyang and others. Wang Xiangyang still refused to stop.

Even though he was defeated by the merit pen, he built the last energy pile, and now he only decided to kill the last enemy but had his last wish. Everyone in the special investigation room possesses unique skills and would never give Wang Xiangyang a chance to kill. Ya Qing saw the general trend and flew away, leaving the dying Wang Xiangyang angrily looking at his rescued heart.

Wang Xiangyang hated Zhao Xinci, because at the moment his wife was lying in the hospital in critical condition, Zhao Xinci was also admitted to the hospital with injuries. Wang Xiangyang only saw the sharp contrast of the doctor rushing to the operating room for the treatment of the blood transfusion for the heart kind, and abandoning his lover. So he believed that the appearance of Zhao Xinci squeezed the lives of his lover and unborn child, and he hated this austere hypocrite who enjoyed the privileges and privileges in the name of saving the common people.

But Wang Xiangyang didn’t know that Zhao Xinci, who was in the operating room, had asked the doctor to rescue Xiangyang’s wife first, but because Bai Suxia’s blood was really scarce, the hospital was also preparing for emergency dispatch. But in the end Bai Suxia couldn’t wait for the precious blood, and it passed away suddenly. Wang Xiangyang was bewitched by Ye Zun, hated the wrong person, and finally made a big mistake. Wang Xiangyang, who learned the truth, left tears of regret, solemnly handed over the merit pen to Yunlan, embracing regret and disappeared. The door to release Ye Zun has been opened, leaving a key to no avail.

Earth Star was in the early stage of chaos and restlessness. The Wu family’s father and son spent their lives waiting to resist until the end, and finally could not match the disintegrated Tianzhu Dungeon, and Ye Zun was born. The ten thousand years of sleep did not drown his ambitions, and the black robe made the ten thousand years of writing peace come to an end. In this gloomy time and space, Ye Zun decided to write a new chapter of his own, leading his new subordinates to set sail.

When the world changed, Yunlan and others realized that they had exhausted their minds until they finally captured a puppet, and the real evil was about to come. It wasn’t until Ye Zun was born and the merit pen was in his hands that the members of the Special Tuning Institute really understood that the true function of the merit pen was to build an energy reactor. After it was built, it could break the imprisonment on the earth star rooftop, and the century-old beast Ye Zun escaped Cage. Right now no matter the earth, star or human world will face a catastrophe.

Everyone panicked, and Shen Wei pulled Yunlan into private and advised Yunlan to stay in the human world to stabilize the hearts of the people anyway. Shen Wei himself had to go against the current, rushing back to the earth to face the enemy. Shen Wei reported his determination to die, but Yun Lan refused. The stability of this world is indispensable, Yun Lan waits, waiting for the moment when Shen Wei returns in triumph.

Shen Wei took Sha Ya and Yu Zhu to prepare to return to Earth Star. Yu Zhu slowly revealed the truth of Guban’s death before leaving. It turns out that Guban loved Shaya from the beginning to the end, but the truth he was about to tell Shaya that day failed because of Shaya’s misunderstanding. Guban died in the hands of his compatriots, and Zhao Xinci, who was armed with a gun, wanted to rescue him. When all the dust settled, Shaya realized how ridiculous her hatred was. From the beginning, the hatred was unreasonable, and the pain she had suffered from the beginning was meaningless.

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