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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 28 Recap

After entering the special room, Shaya did not treat each other frankly. The hatred in her heart swallowed her, tortured her, and blinded her every minute. And the one who deceived Lin Jing in spite of hurting others, and dragged herself into the abyss of sin is bound to destroy Zhao Xinci.

Shaya has a close friend, Hua Yuzhu, who wears the same earrings, shares the same mood, and looks forward to the same sky. But two close friends of close relatives fell in love with the same man, Guban. Yuzhu’s love is cautious, and Shaya’s love is vigorous. But the day Guban confessed to Yuzhu, everything was over. Love ended a sincere and precious friendship, and Shaya has never seen Yuzhu since then. At the beginning, the friendship of integrating each other into one’s own lives has faded, and the vows of never separation together have been forgotten.

The three of them were originally obedient children living in the earth and stars. Shaya loves a bright sky and a splendid galaxy. Yuzhu loves a tender green leaf and a pot of fragrant flowers. Therefore, the two people yearn for the light and rain above, and yearn for a new life without being restricted. The three of them lost their way unintentionally for a day, passing by the Tianzhu that sealed Ye Zun, Ye Zun spied Sha Ya’s desire for freedom, and a temptation with a mature and enchanted atmosphere, led the three to indulge together, and chose to escape from Earth Star together willingly. , Arrived in the longing world. On a bright April day in the world, Shaya lost her best friend and lover.

Shaya accidentally heard the truth about Guban’s love. When flying away, he saw a dangerous shadow. That was Zhao Xinci who was running with a gun. When Shaya returned to the woods, she only saw the non-breathing Guban and the crying Yuzhu. Since then, hatred was planted in Sha Ya’s heart, and Yuzhu could no longer persuade Sha Ya’s crazy and cruel heart. The two took different paths, Yuzhu Wushiwu ran a small world, taking care of flowers and fertilizers. A peaceful life, easy and quiet. But Shaya is always looking for opportunities to kill Zhao Xinci and avenge Guban. Shaya and Wang Xiangyang, who have the same enemy, met.

Yunlan and others learned that this series of events was because the developer was preparing to eradicate the forests in the eastern part of the city. Shaya desperately begged Lin Jing to take her there, and almost at the same time, the jade pillar hiding in the corner rushed to the woods vigorously, because there was the decaying body of Guban buried there. But everyone was a step late, and Guban’s empty tomb stabbed Shaya to heartache. Those hatred and resentment placed deep in memory are clamoring crazy. Shaya left with Wang Xiangyang and Ya Qing, and went further and further on the wrong road, leaving the jade pillar in place, hoarsely trying to stay.

Wang Xiangyang uses his own essence and blood to raise the merit pen, his limit is approaching, and the last energy pile is about to be completed. His last wish should be over. So the three hijacked Zhao Xinci’s limousine in the middle of the night, and hijacked all the senior staff of Haixingjian in the car. Wang Xiangyang even wrote a provocative letter to Hai Xingjian with blood without hesitation.

There are only three words on it: Tomb of the Three. But the short three words conceal the great universe, which is the way to guide Haixingjian and Special Tuning Institute to rescue the hostages. The reason why Wang Xiangyang is so unscrupulous is that he has determined the fate of everyone-a dead end.

When Zhao Yunlan received the notice and provocative letter, he was completely panicked. Rao can no longer hide the panic in his heart at this moment, how he dislikes and hates his father. He even did not hesitate to hurt his body to forcibly touch the sacred artifact, hoping that the discomfort and backlash caused by the sacred artifact could give some hints, but it was futile. Instead, Shen Wei squeezed his sweat. Facing such a strong and tough person, Shen Wei had no better way to take care of him.

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