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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 27 Recap

Daqing recovered his memory, had a better sense of smell and sharper hearing. Recovering the memory of the past, Daqing firmly believes in the peace between Kunlun and the world protected by the guardian special tone. Everyone is unanimous, and it’s time for the merit writer to show up. Wang Xiangyang’s plan is still going on, to build an energy pile for the Ye Zun enclosing the land, to disintegrate the Tianzhu that blocks the Ye Zun.

As time goes by, the earth and stars become more and more restless. Ye Zun’s ability is to deceive people’s hearts. He can use the people with regrets in his heart to draw him closer and attract others to be loyal to him. Ye Zun knows how to seduce others, who can live without resentment in life, and those resentful people are Ye Zun’s accomplices in escaping the dungeon. A batch of dead waiters desperately approached Tianzhu, and they took refuge in Ye Zun and were shot dead by the regent. The regent proposed to form a team to go to maintain the peace of the earth and the stars, and got the acquiescence of the earth monarch.

Hai Xingjian was attacked one after another, but he never knew the special location, even if he actually sensed the existence of the terrestrial people. Shaya was the person who destroyed Haixingjian’s research data several times. Shaya was a terrestrial man who was able to manipulate electricity. He was ordered by Wang Xiangyang to steal the latest research data of Haixingjian. Shaya’s joining was not willing to be loyal to Yezun, just because There is a common enemy with Wang Xiangyang. Shaya is innocent and harmless by nature, but it’s a pity that the road gets worse and worse.

A light appeared in her dark life, that was the warmth that Lin Jing gave. Lin Jing fell in love with Shaya at first sight, and from then on chasing her to death, finally captured the beauty of her heart. It’s not that Lin Jing had no doubts about Shaya’s origin. The cuteness blinded him and made it difficult for him to face reality.

After Shaya made sure that Professor Ouyang in the laboratory had left, he attacked the Haixingjian Secret Laboratory again. Shaya sneaked into the laboratory and stunned the bewildered Li Qian. Koshaya found that the safe depositing serum samples was protected by a high-level password, and had to resentfully destroy all experimental data before leaving. Li Qian supported her paralyzed body and used her remaining sanity to send an anonymous e-mail to the special station to tell the truth.

Yunlan took Shen Wei and Daqing to the special investigation office to find out the truth, but once again failed. The executives of Haixingjian were very tight-lipped and refused to reveal any news about the laboratory. The three of them secretly used Lin Jing’s invention to open the door of the laboratory in the dead of night.

The attacked laboratory was empty, and all precious experimental data were destroyed or transferred. Shen Wei saw the remaining medicine formula on the blackboard. After precise calculation and research, he found that the institute was actually studying serum samples, studying how to cause normal human mutations to compete with the terrestrial people with supernatural powers.

The latest experimental data has been destroyed again, and Professor Ouyang is worried about the current endgame. There was not much time left for mankind, so he decided to take a risky move and take out the failed defective products that he was going to destroy to continue his research. Li Qian was taken aback when she heard that, and continued to study with failed samples as the basis. The harm of the finished product would definitely increase greatly. But Professor Ouyang made up his mind and remained unmoved.

Shaya did the last thing for Wang Xiangyang and decided to leave Dragon City. The news told Lin Jing, causing a silence, but she thought she could turn around and found that the affection was long. Shaya refused to give up Lin Jing, and promised to say goodbye to Lin Jing on the last night of the performance. But Yunlan and the others had already targeted Shaya’s goal and used Lin Jing’s night to set up a net. Between justice and love, Lin Jing chose the former. He was finally willing to face up to his heart and put aside his love for Shaya.

Lin Jing hoped that the world would remain peaceful, and at the same time, he also hoped that Shaya could turn back to shore. Shaya escaped Yunlan and Shen Wei’s tracking, but did not escape Lin Jing’s sincere advice. Lin Jing promised to bring a clear sky to Sha Ya, how could she fall back to the earth and not turn her back, Lin Jing will take Sha Ya out of the sea of ​​suffering, the first step is to stay away from the demons like Ye Zun. Shaya decided not to run away anymore, obediently followed Yunlan and the others back to the special location.

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