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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 26 Recap

As Professor Longcheng, Shen Wei has a close relationship with Professor Ouyang. He was stolen in the room late at night for the secret file of Haixingjian. The other party’s indifference did not let Shen Wei and Yunlan relax, what is the secret of Haixingjian.

Zheng Daqian is a leader in the financial industry, young and promising, and a happy marriage. But all these are sights in the eyes of outsiders. Zheng Daqian hates his weird wife and has already hooked up with a young and beautiful girl outside. In order to jointly plunder all the post-marital property and stay with the lover day and night, Big Money decided to kill the killer. Daqian prepared a romantic candlelight dinner. Behind the romance is a hidden conspiracy. With his wife, Daqi fell to the ground, Daqian breathed a sigh of relief. When he thought that all rights and money were in his hands, Daji woke up.

The resentful Daji was stared at by the meritorious writer Wang Xiangyang. The best ending is the same goal. Xiangyang used Daji’s hand to convey the news of death to those who were sorry for him. Daqian was eventually sued by Haixingjian in a financial fraud case, and this young girl Daji also entered everyone’s field of vision. Lin Jing took the case of missing female bodies in Longcheng for many years, and found that the dead were all young and beautiful girls, and soon a similar face would appear in another corner of Longcheng.

However, there was a gap of decades between the number one of the dead and the last number of the dead, but the woman’s face was completely unmarked by the years. Daji had just died, and there was another girl with a similar face to open the Internet for marriage. This blind date is the same as Daqing. Daqing had no choice but to go to the appointment nervously, but the disordered memory in his mind faintly appeared, this girl always had a feeling of seeing before.

This blind date girl is Daji who died and resurrected. Daji is also an old acquaintance of Daqing, but it is a pity that Daqing has lost her memory and can’t remember her at all. Daji, who was beaten to death by Shen Wei, woke up dangling in the special tone. She died too many times and she had become insensitive. But her heart to save Daqing has never changed.

The cat tribe is noble and aloof, when will it be confused with the inferior human tribe. From then on, she took Daqing here to search for memories, and the two of them set foot in every hidden deep meaning. The memories in Daqing’s mind became more and more, but they became more and more blurred, and groups of black shadows ran in his mind. Go, there is always no clear outline.

When Daji saw Old Wu who had picked up Daqing who was sitting on the side of the road and fed the food that made Daqing lose his memory, Daji was itching with hatred and grabbed a wooden stick to attack Lao Wu. Daqing couldn’t bear to get along with his companion day and night, and turned into a flesh shield to stand in front of Old Wu.

Going down with a stick, Daqing, whose eyes were staring at Venus, had a clear heart, and all the shadows of vague memories disappeared. Daqing thought of Kunlun, the person with the same face as Zhao Yunlan told him, to pursue someone worthy of pursuit. Daqing smiled relievedly. The arrogant king of cats came back, but he still chose to stay in the special room, in this humane place.

All cases, victims, and time are all connected together. Everyone at the special tuning institute suddenly realized. The author of this meritorious pen hiding behind everyone is an enemy selling fruit. He greets them all day long, and the relationship has been stable and peaceful. The merit pen has always been Wang Xiangyang’s family heirloom. That night, Wang Xiangyang’s wife was pregnant while being touched by the taxi driver Zhu Hao, but because Zhu Hao didn’t fall down, he threw the accelerator and left. Afterwards, the pregnant wife Wang was robbed of a lot of money because of the taxi she had taken.

She eventually lost too much blood and died after she was sent to the hospital. And the fruit stall run by Wang Xiangyang, who was hardworking, was destroyed by Kong Jing instigating street gangsters and even beat Xiangyang because he owed him half a year’s rent. All the victims are murderers in Wang Xiangyang’s eyes, who destroy his beautiful family and kill his beloved wife. But right now, even if he knew the true face of the enemy, he couldn’t catch it.

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